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Hi team! This is a very simple platform that takes very little to maintain.

I'll show you the functions with a few pros and cons.

Pro: You can add multiple to create a slideshow.

Con: Only one will show at a time unless you edit them before hand and save as one file.

Simple Contact Form!

Pro: Messages straight to our email

Con: Not customizable

"If you have any suggestions on how to improve the website, please share!"


Pro: Easy to add videos from several sources

Con: None, really.


Pro: Streams from a variety of sources

Con: Cannot upload a file, must be hosted elsewhere


Pro: Make a cute little button to take you anywhere you want to go

Con: None, really. Externally linked.


What more can I say?


Pro: Embed anything: Tweets, FB posts, blogs...

Con: Can't customize anything.


Pro: Can set up event registrations

Con: I'm sure there's something, but none as of yet!

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I left off showing the ability to sell items and receive donations through Paypal. BUT that's possible!

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