Citizenship and Immigration Stories

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These guiding questions may help you with ideas for your story
  • What is your family's background (country/countries of origin)?
  • Why did your family choose Canada?
  • What does being (becoming) Canadian mean to you and your family?
  • Do you like being in Canada?
  • Would you recommend Canada to others? Why or why not?

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3 years ago

My family's background is Afghanistan.My parents came from there to another country because Afghanistan had war. My family consider their self from a different place. My sister considers herself from Germany because she was born in Germany.My parents Consider them self Afghan because they were born in Afghanistan. I consider myself Afghan and Canadian.Well mostly I consider myself Canadian because i was born in Ontario,Canada but I also consider myself Afghan because my parents are from there and I am from an Afghan family. That is where my family is from!!

3 years ago


3 years ago

So this how I became a Canadian citizen. so when i came to Canada after I settled and lived there my parents said if we want to live here and get your education well then we have to become a Canadian citizen we have to apply and get the paper work my dad he sent the applications we waited along time but we got no news so my figured that our application was late so we re applied and that time our application was excepted so after a few months or years we got a letter or email that our application was excepted so a few months later we got a test letter and so my parents went to give the test and we waited and when my parents got news that my mom's test failed so my parents re did the test after a few months after she red the book and then when we got our test we passed so we got a letter saying when we have to go to the ceremony so it was last year and we went in we saw this nice decorated place and then we went inside and saw chairs with numbers so where we sit so we got a book and a flag with it so when the judge came we sat down and we sang O'Canada in French and English then the judge called our names and we went up and got our certificate and shook hands and at the end we went home this is how my family became a Canadian citizen.