Citizens Public Adjusters Inc.

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About Citizens Public Adjusters Inc.

Headquartered in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, Citizens Public Adjusters, Inc., serves the residents of Pennsylvania, as well as several neighboring states in the mid-Atlantic region. The firm represents insurance policyholders who have sustained property damage, and strives to obtain the largest possible settlement on their clients’ behalf. The types of insurance claims that Citizens Public Adjusters, Inc., can handle include property damage due to fire, smoke, theft, windstorm, water, and explosion, as well as losses arising due to business interruption, which often cover loss of income, but tend to be complex to handle with the necessary professional experience.

When working with a client, the firm provides a variety of important services that allow the claim adjustment to proceed with minimal difficulty. The process starts with a careful review of the insurance policy, followed by a thorough assessment of the loss, which includes comprehensive inspections of the property, as well as detailed estimates of damages and extensive inventories when necessary. The next steps include presenting the loss to the insurance company and relentlessly negotiating on the client’s behalf.

In every claim that Citizens Public Adjusters, Inc. handles, their aim is to take advantage of all of the coverages that the insurance policy offers, including upgrades necessary due to law and ordinances among other coverages that a person who is not versed in the interpretation of insurance policies would not be aware of. Having an expert public adjuster who understands the insurance company’s expectations, when documenting and valuing your claim gives you an advantage if your claim is denied. It also gives you a third party resource who can act as a witness in case more aggressive action is required to obtain a recovery that fully identifies you, the insured. Since the firm is paid only on a commission basis, clients can be assured that Citizens has their best interests in mind as they work to settle the claim as expeditiously as possible.

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