By Duane Damon

The photos in this book were reproduced.

This the book cover.

This is non-fiction. There is no protagonist or antagonist. I could not chose a plot development.

Five things I already knew about the American Civil War was:

1. It was cause because northerners didn't was slavery and southerners did.

2. The Union was the north and the Confederate was the south.

3. Soldiers use a musket.

4. The civil war was from 1860-1865.

5. Abraham was the president of the Union and Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate.

Five fact I learned after reading this book is:

1. There was an eleven year old drummer boy, named Johnny Clem. (Michigan Regiment)

2. People lied about their age to join the army.

3. Mrs. Lincoln's dressmaker and friend was a free black and her name was Elizabeth Keckley.

4.  I learned what the cotton gin is.

5. At least 75,000 children worked in factories, mines or mills.. (mostly in the north)

The new words I learned is embroidery, staggering, crud, musses, rural and contraband. For my sentences I made them up.

Sentences: Embroidery - In school she learned embroidery. Stagger - As we watched the moose it looked staggered. Crude - it was  a crude protein. Musses - he said "every week my musses and I would go shopping" Contraband - It looks like those goods are contraband. Rural - she lived in a rural area.

Word                           (Book) Definition

Embroidery--------the art or pastime of embroidering cloth

Stagger------------to walk unsteadily if to fall

crude--------------in a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined

musses------------a persons wife

Rural-------------in, relating to, or characteristic of the countryside rather than the town.

contraband-------goods that have been imported or exported illegally

An opinions in the book were "military men impressed young woman" ,


      The book Growing Up in the Civil War by Duane Damon is about children during the civil war. Like what they did, like chores, school and working. It had quotes from children, about what had happened or how they feel. It doesn't just talk about the children it also talked a little bit about the first families, slaves/underground railroad, battles, and jobs/communities and economy.

What I have noticed

         Something I have noticed about this book is; the page before a new chapter, the page is a dark blue. That dark blue page talks about a little different than what it has been talking about. This book had captions but it was under one picture even if there were two pictures. It said Right: and above:.

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