Civil War

John Smith's Journal

Journal 1

Dear journal,                                                                                                              

Ever since I went to that camp, I've only done menial work. All of the people here are lonely and miss their family. All of us do work and nothing else except the leader.I miss Chicago with my pregnant wife and mom. My dad is somewhere fighting for the Union like me in a different camp. My brother is fighting for the confederacy. I wish I wasn't a Private. I get treated like scum. Just hope I get treated better, won't you?

Soldier Selfie

Photo prompt color

The clothes and the bar and the gag were red so that it attracts the eye.  It didn't help that I was in the middle of the camp forced to try to hop around on my legs.

Soldier Conversation

Me: Skedaddle or I'm going take my Arkansas toothpick and run you through with it.

John Locke: You are fit to be tied, but we are fight for our greenbacks and our land. Now you move or ill send a coupla hornets.

Me: You guys are just a bunch of jailbirds rebelling from our country.

John Locke: We whipped you in this battle. Now skedaddle.

Letter home

Dear beloved wife,

Life at camp is terrible. All day long all I do is work and drill. When we finally get some rest our whole bodies are sore. But our new commander is good. He is training us better than the other commander. I got the bucking and gagging punishment because I talked back to the commanding officer. The bar and the gag and my clothes were red so that it attracts the eye. All of the officers looked at me and laughed at me and now I know not to do that again. Please send me some food, molasses, some money, and sugar. The camp is located in the mountains somewhere and we get terrible food. You don't want to know the details. If I get free time I play cards with some of my friends.


                                                                                                                 John Smith

Photo prompt morning

This guy wakes me up every morning to go for drills

This guy wakes me up every morning and even though I should thank him I hate him.

Jeremiah Handly

By the end of the Jeremiah story, Jeremiah was confederate and he had fought a great many battles. He was a lieutenant and eventually met his brother and when he met his brother his brother is a rank lower than him and his brother hates that fact.

Photo prompt fun

During camp I play cards and gamble. Its really boring so usually that's all I do. My favorite food is the hardtack. Its made up of water and bread dough.

Letter to Freind

Dear Bob,

My friend died in front of my eyes of Carditis. His heart was flaming and so he died. We couldn't help him. My other friend lost his hand and we could do to help him was clean it so he wouldn't get an infection. Life is hard. One guy did get infection even though we cleaned it he died a death full of pain and misery.  I miss all of them. The food is even worse than all of the diseases if you can believe it. Bread dough with water with worms is what I mainly eat every day. We do so many drills but in all of the time we still find a way to have fun which is the only good thing in this whole camp. We play cards and gamble and even though gambling is prohibited we still do it.


John Smith

Marching song

The union shall win

The union shall win

The union shall win

The confederate shall die

The confederate shall die

The war goes on. We will kill

We will kill the confederate.

Union shall win

Fight to the end

In the end we shall win

Photo prompt battle


For carditis we couldn't do anything. For any infections the arm of area of infection was cut off. For anything else we could either cut the body part with a rusted knife or give him pain killers till he died. There are others that no one knows about right now.

Photo prompt home

Going Home

We won and I was finally home. I bought some good bread and the money that I earned there with me for my family. When I got home it turned out some bandits attacked the house because there were no men at home. I found my wife's body with my moms body on the floor with a bandit who had a knife sticking out of him. I'm assuming my wife stabbed the bandit on the floor. The house was burned and looted. I cried and buried my family. It took a couple of days. Then I set out to find my dad.


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