Civil War Journal

Edward Grants Journal

          This is the first and most likely last time I'm a 24 year old soldier. I will ever write a journal. But here I go anyway, my name is Edward "Tree" Grant I. I am a Union Captain of the 6th Illinois. I received the nickname tree at the first battle of Bull Run. At the battle I told men to get behind the trees and fire. Out of my  regiment of 300 men we lost none, and pushed back the Confederate line. But anyways I am from Miami, Florida. I have lost all of my brothers and sisters to the the first Manassas, and my parents passed away a couple years back. In Miami I own my own plantation with 20 slaves on it. You might think why am I fighting for the union, well I know slavery is wrong they are still a group of people. Well, my regiment is geared up to move to a new camp soon wish me luck.


I heard some soldiers inside the medic building today. The conversation turned out to be really funny I tried to write all of what they said.

(officer)- we need to move up on them grey backs.

Ohh I hate that bugger!

AWWW!!!! (gets shot) Im getting whipped out here! I need to skedaddle to the sawbones! Hello possum!

Hello! What happened to you? You don't look like you're as fit as a fiddle!

Well you know those grey backs are bluffs and sunday soldiers!

Well There towing there mark.

Well I got hit by a hornet from one of those bluffs pepperboxes.

Lets get started. Can I get an arkansas toothpick over here with some Joy juice.

Am I going to be wallpapered after this.

Well we need to get that ache out of your bread basket! But first let me take a quick step!



Dear Ulysses,

      I think you know this already but you're the only family I got left so you will be getting most of my letters I send home. But anyway, after the first battle of Bull Run I was commanded to move my 6th Illinois down to St. Louis Missouri. We have been here for 3 days and are still settling into our new camp. So far, the camp seems to be nice, the weather is somewhat cold but otherwise it's fine. We are also, next to a large field, this is great for the drills we are conducting. Our days are mostly the same everyday. We wake up at 6:30 and drill till 8:30. We eat and then get some down time till 10 o'clock. We the captains have a nice area where we play cards and talk about the future of the war, and our last job is inspecting our boys. I feel bad for them though in their free time they have to clean everything in their tents. Then, if they finish by 10 they get some free time only if they cleared by us. If they aren't ready by the time the punishments are minor the punishment is that they would have to clean ten other soldiers tents through the middle of the night. All in all camp life is pretty fun for a captain.

This is what I wear right when I get up, I see this everyday in camp. #uniform
These are our morning activity we wake up and drill. #morningsstinks

I had to interview a soldier earlier he had just came back from a battle along the Mississippi.

          Jeremiah, when you chose to go with your brother to join the Confederate army what caused you to make that choice?  Well, I knew my mother wasn't doing well and it might be her time to go. And I didn't want to be there for that. Also, I knew that I wouldn't be able to take care of the crops and farm by myself. And finally, I wanted to fight with my brother for what we believe in.  

         Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about? Well there were lots of happy times in my life, but the proudest moment I must say was when I joined the army. I would choose this because, I went off to  fight in a war that you had to be 15 for and I am only 13. I felt proud to know that I was going to fight.

         Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different? One thing that I wish couldn't of different. I wish that my dad wouldn't of died. When my father died everything changed for us, our slaves were gone which made working a lot harder. And also, my mother lost a lot of her happiness in life.

         Jeremiah, did seeing men die in battle change you? It did change me in a way that made me feel like a man. What it did was show me that this was dangerous but I was still going into the battle. It also made me feel bad though seeing all of these men getting killed and killing their brothers. It should me a new kind of respect for the men who fought their brothers for what they believe in. All in all, I think it made me a better man.


Are you ready soldiers aye aye general

I Can't hear you "AYE AYE General"
Who lives in a battlefield under the bullets
"Union Soldiers"
Strong, Brutal and tough as a nail
"Union Soldiers"

If a war is something you need to give people freedom

"Union Soldiers"

Then drop on the floor and hide like a bug
"Union Soldiers"
Ok move in!

Union Soldiers

Union Soldiers

Union Soldiers


This is a picture of where I was stationed during the second battle of bull run. These are the mortars were able to kill a lot of people with them but they're slow to fire.


Dear Ulysses,

Well where back in camp but this time it's near Georgia we are preparing to move in 4 to 6 months. In Georgia though it's much warmer than it was in Illinois. Therefor, we are able to do more stuff in camp instead of being cooped up in our tents. For our free time, we gamble a ton. We gamble on all sort of things like lice racing where we had to lice on a plate and raced them. If I do say so myself I'm making bank. The other main gambling attraction is rooster fighting, this is very entertaining. But my favorite is playing cards I very good at it thanks to my schooling years. Otherwise I am usually in the mess hall my favorite camp meal which is hard tack this is a cracker type of food. To make this you need 5 Cups Flour, 1 Tablespoon, Baking Powder, 1 Tablespoon Salt, and 1-1 1/4 cups Water.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After the most recent battle at bull run the wounded have been pouring in. I walked into to see what was happening inside the hospital tent and it was gruesome. I saw people with arms and legs missing it was awful. The nurses would cut it off and put a bandage on it just to repeat it on another boy. I also people with bullet holes in their stomachs. This was the worst the doctors stuck their fingers into the hole bullet searching. That brings me to another topic sickness. I believe that more than half of the wounded die from sickness of all kinds quick step, hunger, and even just a plain old infection. The worst is quick step watching the soldiers run out from their stretchers to the bathroom. And the doctors don't know what to do because the water they need is dirty which would make them even more sick. Well, this was quite an experience for me I hope I don't get hit by a hornet.   

One of favorite things to do is read in my free time.

Dear honey,

I am home now we have just won the battle at Appomattox. I saw Ulysses there he was signing a treaty with General Lee. I got hit though I was hit in the leg it was amputated off but I will hopefully recover. Being home though feels different. My planation feels different none of slaves are here anymore to work but they have visited me. I think the USA feels new the southern streets though are still stirring a little at the abolishment. But I don't know if I want to be home though, I liked being in battle with some of new friends. I will most likely never see them again. All in all, being in the union army was a hard time but I think what we fought for tuned out to pay off.

This is my house that I have come back to, it's a lot more lonely now without any slaves, and family.

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