Civil War Soldier

Life of William Doland

                                                                       Who am I?

Hello, My name is William Dolan ,and I am 21 years old and I was born in New York with my 3 brothers and one sister, while at home, it is hard because There is 4 kids in the house and our family can't afford to feed all of them, so that is why I am in the war, To fight for my country and feed all of the members in my family I am fighting for the north because since I am from New York and it is in the north, I want to fight for the freedom of the north and end slavery because my family was all abolitionists and I want to end this once and for all. My sister also has a passion for fighting and she is currently disguised as a man fighting for the north as well along with my 3 brothers.

                                                                   Soldier Selfie

                                                                  Photo Prompt Color

                 The red fire I see every time I wake up in the morning to keep me warm

                                                      Journal Entry 2 Conversation

“Hey Fresh fish, go get me some goobers.”

go skedaddle, I’m top rail #1

“Man, I’m all played out from dodging these hornets”

“I’m calling your bluff, possum.”

                                                                      Letter Home

Dear Mom,

Life at camp is going very bad, it is very tiring and harsh, we are located in virginia and Ii have made a lot of friends in my company , but the bad part is we work too much and Im sick of it.

                                                          Photo Prompt Morning

                 Here is a Picture of the morning I wake up to when I get out of my tent                                            

                                                        Jeremiah Hadley Interview

By the end of the Jeremiah story, Jeremiah was confederate and he had fought a great many battles. He was a lieutenant and eventually met his brother and when he met his brother his brother is a rank lower than him and his brother hates that fact.

                                                              Photo Prompt Fun

  There really isn't any fun where I am at, all we do is train and train, I have no free time

                                                             Letter To Friend

My friend died in front of my eyes of Carditis. His heart was flaming and so he died. We couldn't help him. My other friend lost his hand and we could do to help him was clean it so he wouldn't get an infection. Life is hard. One guy did get infection even though we cleaned it he died a death full of pain and misery. I miss all of them. The food is even worse than all of the diseases if you can believe it. Bread dough with water with worms is what I mainly eat every day. We do so many drills but in all of the time we still find a way to have fun which is the only good thing in this whole camp. We play cards and gamble and even though gambling is prohibited we still do it.

                                                                Marching Song

Fight til you die

or don’t fight at all.

Do what’s right and stop slavery

its the wrong thing really

Fight til you die

save the country to make things right

unite the two sides

don’t let them secede

Fight til you die

stop the confederates

from torturing souls

of innocent people

Fight til you die

strengthen the country

before it’s too late

Sacrifice everything you have

Give it your all

Fight til you die

                                                                   Photo Promt Battle

              This is a picture of some of the soldiers from the North battling against the South                                      



We couldn't do anything. For any infections the arm of area of infection was cut off. For anything else we could either cut the body part with a rusted knife or give him pain killers till he died. There are others that no one knows about right now.

                                                            Photo Prompt Home

        This is my home, I cant wait to come home, and greet all of my family members.

                                                     Going Home Journal Entry #8

We won and I was finally home. I bought some good bread and the money that I earned there with me for my family. When I got home it turned out someone attacked the house  The house was burned and looted. I cried and buried my family het were killed in the fire.

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