Jonathan Eagle

A knight was used for protection . In the medieval times they used to battle . There armor i metal so they don't get hurt. They have weapons for fighting and protection also . they are used also for guarding to make things safe . If someone was to do so they would attack and use there weapons . Some of these weapons are swords , shields, flails , mace , bow , arrows , crossbow , halberd and a spear . They are in a armored full body suite made out of metal head to toe for protection . They have this kind of protection because nobody can defeat them if they are trained right and now how to use  there weapons and protection properly . The knights protect in the forum . Protect the city buildings and the occasions . They also mainly protect the castle. They also need this armor for battle so they can have victory . This is some protection , weapons and what they were used for in the medieval times !

These are some of the weapons they used in medieval times .

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