Mount McKay

Mount McKay, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Mount McKay is a small mountain located in Thunder Bay. It was formed more than one billion years ago, and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Thunder Bay. If you like to do hiking, climbing and biking, Mount McKay is the right place to choose.

For some people like me, that like to do mountain biking, Mount McKay offers many trails to do hiking and mountain biking.

Mount McKay's Trails

Photo by the city of Thunder Bay website

Mount McKay in the Spring

On May 26 of this year, the weather in Thunder Bay was amazing. The temperature was around 30°C.

Panoramic Views From Mount McKay

View From Mount McKay

To celebrate the beginning of Spring (in Thunder Bay), I went to Mount McKay by bike with Luis in May 10.

Panoramic Views From Mount McKay

Mount McKay in the W

The Winter in Canada this years was crazy. On March 22, I did hiking on Mount McKay with Luis. The temperature was below -20°C on this day.