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Tank the wise Dog

I love this photo because the limited color makes the subject pop. It was a normal spring day when i took this. With a little Photoshop i made the picture stand out. It is one of the best i feel i have taken.

Harley in the creek.

This picture was a close up view of a exotic animal most people never have the chance to own. A bearded dragon enjoying the day.

Lizard on the rocks.

This photo kind of speaks for its self. No editing an his colors still pop against the white and gray rocks.

Sunny day for the Tank

I love this picture.The colors were bright i had to do no editing to make it stand out.It is simple but also detailed.

Harley high in a tree

Little editing went into this. It was just me messing around with the camera but when i looked at it, it quickly became one of my favorites.

Calming water ripples

The ripples were actually caused by the fish eating bugs off the surface. I felt the ripples would make a better picture then the fish tho.

Splash in the air

I was lucky to get this picture. She was throwing rocks in the water at the same moment i looked away but i still took the picture when i heard the sound of the water.

This is one of my favorites. The colors were edited but nothing else. I dont normally take picture of people, but this one turned out very good.

Using Photoshop i made this a more likable picture. The color is the original copy.

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2 years ago

I love these pictures. Very high resolution and excelent