This Is A Picture Of Salmonella

The Picture Just Says That Salmonella Can Be Found In Peanut Butter

This Photo Shows The Foods That Cause Salmonella Outbreaks

This Video Is About Salmonella

This Video Is About How Salmonella..... Enters You

Salmonella Can Cause Serious Illness In Infants, Older Adults , & A Person That's Already Sick.

Salmonella Is Caused By Contaminated Eggs, Poultry, Unpasteurized Milk, & Other Contaminated Foods.

Salmonella Is Also Carried By Some Animals Such As Reptiles, Amphibians, & Birds.

Salmonella Symptoms Are Diarrhea, Fever, Vomiting, & Abdominal Pains.

Salmonella Can Be Killed By Cooking & Pasteurizing.

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