Adventures In Milwaukee

The Caption Fredrick Pabst Mansion

  The very first thing I noticed upon entering the mansion was the great amount of character and quality in the home. Everly single square foot of this home is artistic from the beautiful painting all throughout the home to the woodwork on the ceiling and floors along with the furniture placed so well in each room making the home flow very well. Even the fireplaces have there own unique charm and look to them.

  While moving forward on the tour one of the painting that really caught my eye connected great to  water, was  was huge painting located on the second floor directly on the left hand side when you've approached the top of the stair case past one of the daughters bedrooms. This painting isa Victorian narrative painting from the 19th century called Farwell To The Homeland. This piece of art is a great example of showing people who are immigrating to America by ship. One side of the boat is celebrating and having a grand ole time thinking about what awaits them and what they have to look forward to in their future they will have in America. While the other side of the boat, the people are  mourning over leaving the homeland and the people and great memories they leave along with it.Which for these people it was very clear to them that they may never see their loved ones again. This heart touching painting hanging in the mansion is just one of many hanging in the Pabst having a significant connection to the sea and water its self.

This is just happened to be the room the that I thought was very interesting, which was Caption Pabst study located right across from the staircase on the first floor. It really gives you a sense of what kinds of person he truly was. From all of the symbols and saying that were painted on the ceiling in german to the life size safe were he would store all of his cigars, you really got a feel for how truely successful he was in his lifetime and what  good things he brought to Milwaukee.

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