The Solar System

By Edith

The Solar System is known as our Galaxy,in our Galaxy there are eight planets.In the middle of The Galaxy is the sun all the planets revolve around the sun.In science we learned about our solar system and it was so interesting learning about The Force Of Gravity and all the other words.What I want to show you is our Solar System and all its features.

This Is All The Planets In Order

Each planet has it way,for example Mercury is very hot on the planet Neptune there it is very cold because it is far away from the sun.Mercury,Venus,Earth,and Mars are all called the inner planets.Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune are all called the outer planets or gas giants.Jupiter and Saturn are the biggest planets they are both diffrent from each other Jupiter does not have rings unlike Saturn it has rings.If you look at the picture you may ask yourself where is the moon at? Well the the moon

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