2014-2015 GT

David Park

The assembly of this camera was interesting, but simple. The assembly was straightforward, and the supplies were for basic junior engineers. The pictures were easy to take, and the standard USB connection was easy, yet satisfying. Athough, the pictures were a bit low quality for my taste, you can not expect much from such a makeshift camera. Overall I say I had a good time constructing and using this camera. www.bigshotcamera.com

Road of Water & Toys

   Today in GT, I made a green roof, a road, and finally, a aluminum foil city. When I made a green roof, we tried to make it stable, strong, and secure. When I made a road, we tried to make it smooth to walk, but environmentally friendly as well. When I made a model city, I tried to make it very resistant to pollution, and I also tried to make the model city realistic, otherwise I would learn nothing.

   I learned (in GT) that bio-friendly engineering and just engineering in General is very hard. I learned to learn from my mistakes and use them to my advantage. Finally, I learned how to use materials both wisely and economically.

    I think I could do my model city better. We made our walls a bit loose, so we lost a little bit of oil. We could have made our model city a lot more sturdy and wisely. Overall I think we did good, but I will say my expectations were not of satisfactory.

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