By Lisa McMann


The conflict is every time someone falls asleep Janie goes into their dream but she cant control if she goes into the dream or not. This is dangerous because when she is driving or anything like that she could hurt someone. Also if she tells anyone people would think that she is weird so she keeps it to her self.

Janie: the main character
Cable: Janie and Cable fall in love
Carrie: Is Janie's best friend
Melinda: Her other best friend
Miss Stubin: She is another dream walker
Janie's mother: She is never there for Janie

The plot of the story is that she has to over come the fact that she cant control it and just live with it.  Until she finds her friend Miss Stubin and she teaches Janie how to help people with dreams that are haunting them.

The theme of the story is that this girl (Janie) has to live with and have to deal with her issue. she has to deal with it her self or risk her getting bullied or worse. Also she has to not do anything bad to her self because it gets too much to bare.

The resolution of the story is when Janie meets Miss Stubin and finds out that she is another dream walker. Before Janie found Miss Stubin she thought that she was the only one of her kind. Miss Stubin taught Jaine how to use her power for good. This changed Janie's life forever.

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