The Monkeys Paw

By: Alaina Nunez, Braxton Hicks, and Isabelle Fischer

The Monkeys Paw is a story about a husband and wife who find a monkeys paw that gives you wishes. In the story the couple make different wishes thinking it will bring many good things, but they were horribly mistaken. The couple make a wish for money to pay off there mortgage. They got the money but for the price of there sons life. When they wished for money they had gotten it but only because there son was in an accident at work and was killed. There sons life insurance money is what they got. Soon they make a wish for there son to live again but then soon realize it means that there son who has been dead for weeks and was torn to shreds would not be a good thing. They wish away there son and destroy the paw so that no one will have any more burdens from it ever again. The setting is mainly at the couples house at some point in the past.


Tony Cobb

Corey Cobb

Jake Tilton

Sandy Tilton

The Guard

Officer Boudreaux.

The Old couples wish versus the price they had to pay for the wish.

Be careful what you wish for.

The dark tone reveals that the author believes that wishful thinking can be a dangerous thing.

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