By: Benjamin Lamoureux

This is a picture of carbon found in nature.

Carbon :
Element Symbol - C
Atomic # - 6
Mass # - 12
Net Charge - 0
Protons - 6
Neutrons - 6
Electrons - 6

This is the Planetary Model of Carbon.

Properties of Carbon
Dull Gray/Black
Density = 2.267 g/mL
Soft Nonmetal

This is Carbon found on the Periodic Table.

Phase & States of Matter
In Nature - Solid
Boiling Point/Liquid-Gas - 3825˚C/6917˚F
Melting Point/Solid-Liquid - 3550˚C/6422˚F

Common Uses
Carbon is used in pencil lead.

The tip of this pencil has Carbon in it.

Carbon is also used in Carbon Fiber material.

The weaved material on this car is carbon fiber which has carbon in it.

Carbon is also used in heat resistant tools.

This tool has carbon in it which makes it heat resistant.

Extra Info

The name Carbon comes from the Latin word Charcoal; Carbo

Diamond is also made from Carbon!

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