A message from Buddy

Dear Mom and Dad,

I really, really, really wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas so I asked super nice with my sweet Buddy eyes and Janet said that she would type if I told her what to say. We're kind of simpatico that way. I hope that you are all having a fun time in that place called India. I don't know where that is but I think it is far, far away. But really, anyplace beyond our property is kinda far away in my book.

Here's a picture of me wishing you a Merry Christmas...

Haden has been taking good care of me. I like him a lot because he pets me and takes me on walks and cleans up when I make a mess. I know, I know...I make a lot of messes. But you know what? He's no Felix to my Oscar. He makes messes too. I mean, he leaves clothes and shoes all over the place!! I guess if I leave him special puddles and such to find, then he can have a pair or two of underwear on the floor. That's how room mates cooperate.

He has a cute girlfriend named Lucy and Haden bought her a baby rabbit for Christmas! Can you imagine?! He told me all about Stephanie. That's the rabbit's name. Weird, huh? That Haden is kinda different. I asked very nicely if I could meet the baby rabbit because I thought that was a tasty idea, but we all knew how that would end. So the answer was no.

Here's me with a Christmas treat that Janet and Haden brought for me...

I tried very hard to unwrap it myself but I don't have opposable thumbs so they finally took it out of the wrapper for me. I gobbled the cookie/bone way faster than I've been eating my food. But you know what? Janet has started mixing just a little bit of peanut butter in with my food and it is REALLY GOOD! Nom..nom...nom... It could be a ploy to try to get me to eat but it's fine by me.

That crazy guy with the funny accent named Barry also built me something called a ramp. I don't know why they don't have these things everywhere! I can get up and down from Eleanor's just fine now. Seriously...they should install these all over the place. I guess there are no laws for making places handicap dog accessible.

They told me that MAYBE, if I'm feeling up to it, I could come with them for Christmas morning at Haden's dad's house. They have a dog named Riley that is my age. Haden figures we could hang out and be two old dogs together. You know...lamenting the incontinence and bad hips and all.

Well, that's all the news from cold and snowy Columbus. Except that I am missing you and can't wait to see you when you get home. Tell Stefan and Rika and Julia and Max and Anna and Eleanor that I wish them a Merry Christmas too! I love you all!!! :)