Portray Myself

The image I present to society is I am well behaved and responsible. When I am out I don't cause trouble. I act responsible  not causing problems. I still have fun with my friends but doing things that are safe and that are not going to get me in trouble.  I am very caring. I don't make fun of people or put them down. I always help others before myself. I am also athletic. I play AA hockey 4-5 times a week and I do lots of other sports in my spare time . I play right defence for the Caledon hawks.

Different Persona

In the future I want to be extremely focused. I want to be focused because I want to do well in high school and get good habits to carry into university of or collage. I am focused now but I can get very distracted and get off task. I also want to be hard working because I want to get a good job and live a happy life.

Legacy At Allan Drive

I would like to be seem as a good kid who is behaved and doesn't cause trouble. I think I would because I wasn't mean to new kids at the school. I help them when they need help. I don't cause trouble and I do what I am told what to do.

Digital Footprint

I don't have a digital footprint. I don't use social sites because I rather be playing sports or just with friends, than spend time on social sites. If I do have a digital footprint in the future I would want it to show me as a fun person.

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