HONDURAS- Jane O'Kelly

Basic Facts

Population- 8.098 million people

National language- Spanish

Currency- Honduran Lempira

Neighboring countries- El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala

Three Famous Places

Roatan- Roatan is an island off the coast of Honduras. It has lovely waters, and plentiful trees. Popular things to do at Roatan are to go deep-sea fishing, zip-lining, horseback riding, exploring the botanical gardens, and touring the Stone Castle Cameo Factory.

Copan- The Mayan Ruins at Copan abandoned in the 10th century area day long guided attraction. There is so much rich history there. You can learn so much about the history and heritage of that area from the Mayan Ruins at Copan.

Utila- Utila is a BEAUTIFUL island right off of Honduras. It is a very popular vacation place. Some popular activities in Utila are diving, horseback riding, and cave exploring.


Honduras has some expressions that are unique only to Honduras. Here are some examples of those expressions-

"Yo ando a pincel"- I don't have a car, I am walking

"El es muy pistudo"- He is very rich

"No puedo, tengo que chambear"- I can't, I have to work

Food and Drink

One very common food in Honduras is called a "baleada". It is basically a tortilla filled with refried beans, quesillo, sour cream, and cheese. Lots of people add their own fillings to it.

Another common food in Honduras is a "pastelito". Pastelitos are small pastries with fillings that can be eaten at any meal. A fun filling would be a pumpkin filling, similar to a pumpkin pie.

A common drink in Honduras is a "licuado". They are handmade drinks, very similar to smoothies. Usually contain lots of fruits.

Another very popular drink in Honduras is a beer called "Salva Vida". It's brewed in Cerveceria, Honduras, so it's a very local brew. Extremely popular brew.

Temperature and Geography

The temperature in Honduras stays very similar all year. It ranges about 10 degrees from each other during Summer and Winter. It gets as far down as 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the Winter, and as high as 89 degrees Fahrenheit in the Summer.

Honduras geography contains a lot of mountains. There are mountain ranges (i.e. Sierra Madre), and also some singular mountains (i.e Pico Bonito).

Soccer Video

The video above is important because of soccers importance in Honduras. Soccer is the most closely followed sport in Honduras. If a child plays a sport, it's more than likely soccer. Some children dream or playing soccer for Honduras, or going to America to play soccer, just like these guys did. One Honduran soccer player even plays for Sporting KC! Soccer is very important in Honduras.


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