Embracing something you feared your whole life is an indescribable feeling.

I remember watching Wall-E in theaters and thinking was just a cute cartoon. Recently I was babysitting my next door neighbors, and they decided to watch Wall-E. Watching this film now that I am older and more educated on environmental issues it affected me much deeper. Looking at how the humans had destroyed the planet so severely that they had to create a mobile planet and leave earth. Only saving themselves, while the rest of earth dies out, and the planet turns into a pile of trash. I became very scared  while watching the movie; not because it was a horror film but because it was depressingly foreshadowing our future.


Grown on a ranch in the San Joaquin valley. Each piece of fruit goes through a rigorous inspection to ensure a good eating quality, high sugar levels and minimal seed content, to be sure it satisfies the grade requirements so that it can be packed under the Cuties® brand. Take a peek at our state-of-the-art Maricopa facility that handles millions of Cuties®. I eat cuties daily, and I am now even more reassured on where it comes from.

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