Crystal Formation

By Inna Wilson

What are crytals?

2.  What
substances can be used to make crystals?

3.  What
are some examples of crystals in nature? What household items can you also grow
crystals from?

4.  Explain
the process of crystal growth.

5.  Explain
how crystals can grow in different shapes and sizes.

6.  Outline
a few different types of crystals.

7.  What
effect do crystals have on light travelling through them? (relate to
reflection, refraction, dispersion and diffraction)

8.  What
are the optimum conditions for crystal growth?

Make a plan for next week (as a list);

Crystal Formation Day 1 - Tuesday


Make sure all apparatus is clean and dry

1. Place 25g of potash alum into a 250ml beaker along with 170ml of hot water

2. Stir the mixture until all crystals are dissolved


Wednesday – method + materials

– method + materials

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