K-12 mLearning Options

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Geography IQ:

What is it?: This is an app that is a combination of wikipedia and Google Earth. One is able to access a wide variety of information about a certain country. Including; demographics, population distribution, history, currency , and more.

Why is it useful?: This tool is useful in helping students to be able to easily access information about a variety of different places. This app could also b useful for educators to gain knowledge about a specific country.

Information is Beautiful

What is it? This app understand that sometimes people get bored of reading. SO they have created fun and interactive ways of looking at facts.

Why is it useful? This app could be useful for all students, it might help some who have reading difficulties, and it might interest other students who get bored by just looking at words. This is a way for students to quickly access different pieces of information quickly and is easy to comprehend.

Project Gutenberg

What is it?: This app allows one to access thousands of different books legally and for free. You can store them in a library and have access to them as long as you have a device

Why is it useful? This app is useful because it allows students to access a variety of different books on different topics. It doesn't require a student to have to buy or borrow books, rather they can just download and store them on their devices.


What is it?: This app allows one to create or use previously created flashcards in order to enhance memorization. This app allows for one to not only embed text, but also videos, audio, and images.

Why is it useful?: This app is useful because it could help a wide array of different learning styles. Not only does it offer text to read but also video, audio, and other options for students to help learn through a different context.


What is it?: This app helps one understand how a variety of different things work. From the mechanics behind a door knob to the inner workings of the small intestines. It provides information on a wide variety of topics, and is full of interesting facts.

Why is it useful?: This app is useful because it could help students with research, as well as with general interests. It can be used as an informative tool for teachers, when they themselves would like to acquire more information on a subject or about something in specific.

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