What One Should Do To Clear Blackheads?

Most commonly people find remedies to treat acne but they hardly find any remedy to get rid of annoying black heads. Causes of extremely annoying blackheads are that when your skin pores become clogged with surplus sebum, (an oil is responsible to keep our skin supple and dead skin cells). Many people also consider black heads similar to acne, which is somewhat true. Here are few effective ways through which people can get rid of blackheads that are as follows:

Clay Mask

The best way to prevent skin from black heads is to apply clay mask all over the face which is effective in tightening of pores and won’t allow access oil to clog pores. It not onlykeeps skin healthy and improves skin tone but also helps in improving the blood circulation over the facial area.

Egg Mask

Another great mask that keeps blackheads away from skin is to apply egg white all over the face. The mask of egg whites tightens the pores, which reduces the chances of black heads to appear on skin. Egg whites are also rich in other nutrient which has great affectivity over the skin of human.

Skin Toner

Different types of skin toners are also available in the market that are extremely effective for keeping the pores of skin tight and will not allow oil and dirt to clog pores. Always buy a skin toner of a good brand which suits your skin and does not have any side effects.

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