Give  Thanks
By:Emmanuel  Ealey


First I am thankful for my family. I love my family because I have an amazing brother. A great mom. And a wonderful dad. I enjoy being with my family every day and night.I like when they make me laugh and smile. I love my family and enjoy being with them.


Second I am thankful for education and knowledge.I am happy that I am smart and know a lot. I enjoy learning with my friends and my teacher. I mostly like learning about math and multiplication. I like that I get to read at some point of the day. Overall I am thankful for my family.


Third I am thankful for food.I am happy that I get to eat three meals a day.I enjoy eating  with my family and friends.I like eating a little sweets sometimes.I love eating healthy.My favorite food is steak.Overall I am thankful for food.


Fourth I am thankful for my house.I like that I get heat in the winter.And cool air in the summer.I enjoy a roof over my head 24/7.I love that I get a shield in the winter.And a regular house in the summer.Overall I am thankful for my house.


Fith I am thankful for me.I like that I am the color that I am.I enjoy walking and talking in my every day life.I am proud that I am me and that I have a family fit for me.I love that I was named Emmanuel Ealey.Overall I am thankful for my life and me.

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