Successful twenty-somethings

I've been reading articles and advice about being success at a young age. One thing I have realized over the last year is that I am so excited for the future and what I will do in the coming years. As I move closer to my MBA, and finishing my job in Residence Life, the reality of my own company starting is becoming more and more real...I CAN'T WAIT! I've realized to be successful there are a few tips to remember. So from one future successful (hopefully) woman to another, here are some tips that I have learned!

1. Be yourself- There is no better person than you, the real you. Celebrate yourself as person, professional, and friend. People can easily see through the BS and they will know if you are genuine or not.

2. Be prepared- Nothing is better than being well prepared. Having an answer before your supervisor can ask the question will earn major brownie points! They can see that you are committed and are not only thinking about the here and now, but also seeing the big picture.

3. Stay Focused- There will be days that suck, make you want to cry, and days that you just want to throw your new high heels at your computer. But just stay focused on the goal and how this job will get you to the next point in your career.

4. Love what you do- I've always been told that you should always love what you do. If you wake up one morning and don't look forward to work and your job, its time to reconsider where you work. It's simple, if you're not in love with what you do then it will show through your work.

5. Truthful- Most powerful tool you have. Tell it, always.

6. Be a change agent- You have been given an opportunity to help others and make a difference, so use that gift to help those in need. Your helping hand, your voice, can make a difference in someone else's life.

7. You will be great- Last and most important... YOU WILL BE GREAT! Believe it, all day and everyday. Post it on your mirror, say it as you drive to work, or make it your phone background. Either way, believe it... YOU WILL BE GREAT!

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