How does the family adapts to autism?

It is indeed not easy to have a child with autism. First off, the disease is not well known and could sometimes be a little taboo. This is the reason why the first tip to live easily with a child with autism is to know the most possible about it. "The more you know, the more you can help", as any specialist would say. Asking for help to a specialist, reading books, looking on the Internet; every way is a good one to answer any question you may have. Also, the more there is to know about autism, better it is to explain it to other people and to make it less taboo. There can't be any disadventage to know your child's disease; there can only be benefits, as it help the relation parent-child.

Another aspect to improve living with an autistic child is to take breaks as a parent. Like mentionned before, it is not easy to be a parent, certainly not in this situation. It is not only hard physically; it is, just as much, hard emotionally. Therefore, it is ok to sometimes take a break and to take time for yourself, as every other moment is completely dedicated to your child. Even if life isn't easy either for the child, the parent is not supposed to be strong all the time; letting the emotions come to the surface could relaxe and make the moment better. Seing a psychologist isn't a bad idea either: it is always good, for any subject, to talk to someone. What we can remember here is to make sure the feelings are not put aside and are able to come out when needed.

In the natural process of acceptance of presence of autism in the family, there is the denial. Denial could come out as very strong, or as small and short. The important point is, it can't last all your life. It is alright, at some point, to wish to have a "normal" child, but there is always the reality. Most of the time, denial ends with knowledge, but could end with time.

Laurence Bertrand

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