Vocabulary Squares

Mrs. Dixion
Greyson Huneycutt

Crystal- Made of clear, brillant glass.

Sentence- I looked at the crystal neckalce, it was very pretty.

Sinewy- tough strong.

Sentence- Most women gymnasts are very sinewy for girls.

Brawny- strong, muscular

Sentence- Gabby Douglas is a seventeen year girl, that is very brawny.

Parson- minister

Sentence- My parson was talking about how scientist don't really know when Jesus's birthday is.

Wrought- Shaped by hammering.

Sentence- The horse shoe was wrought into a big curve.

Haunches- upper legs and hips of animal.

Sentence- The horses stood up putting all his weight on his back haunches.


1. No, because its haunches is its legs.

2. Yes, because weight lifters are muscular.

3. I would expect Aaron to have sinewy hands because his hands are big and he is really muscular.

4. Yes, because crystal is very fragile.

5. Yes, because another name for a parson is a minister and parsons work in a church.

6. Yes, because wrought is something that is shaped by hammering.

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