Top Five Man-Cave Must-Haves with Gerald Simonelli

Gerald Simonelli is a talented and professional event manager at a local restaurant in his home state of Illinois. He is working towards his goal of becoming an event planner for a charity organization, and he hopes to one day own a home where he can host his own charity and fundraising events. Aside from looking for a lakeside home with a yard for entertaining, Gerald Simonelli is also on the hunt for a home with the perfect man-cave opportunity. He hopes to host dinner parties and poker tournaments, and looks forward to incorporating the following must have man cave accessories.

  1. A man cave is not complete without a sign that designates it as such. A cool fluorescent light or a manly wood and tin sign adds the perfect touch for any man-cave.
  2. Beer light fixtures are a pretty unique touch, especially to someone like Gerald Simonelli who is a craft beer fanatic. A craft beer bottle chandelier, or beer keg lanterns will be the focal point of any man-space.
  3. A giant seating area. Whether it's a giant bed-sized bean bag or a huge square couch that creates unified seating for 10 people, a big seating area is paramount for movie nights.
  4. A bar complete with a kegerator and a selection of fine liquors and wines. For food industry employees, the perfect selection of adult beverages is the easy part, it's the storage that creates a problem.
  5. A secret entrance. What man doesn't want a secret entrance or otherwise secret door in his man-cave? A room with a moving book-shelf is an instant favorite.