3D printing and modeling

3D printing and modeling

it sounded cool

i want to learn about a 3D printing  and how it works

i would like to make this a side career but not a full time job!!!

              day 3 i'm about to what a couple videos about how to build tool for my guitar

day 2

i learned that the different filament you use limits what you can do.

i also learned how to transport it so that i can print it....


day 3

learned that they have different YouTube videos to learn how to print

day 4

i am printing a hammer so i made a simple ball pein hammer with three different sections and a pointed end on it to scrape out the tight corners.

i learned that you have to make it a component to print and that the plastic is not really expensive...  

day 5

day 6

DAY6 research

i made a hammer for my guitar to tap frets

i will learn how to 3d print with a plastic filament

day 7

day 7

i have to make my model one piece  

i also have to make my models a component


i learn how to print and connect the computer to the printer


i am gonna use it on my guitar to tap in frets and to clean it

im testing it  to see if i would like to do it as a job and to SE if it would hold up

i might try to make it bigger

i espect it to hold up for what ever i want it  to do i

the pointed part im gonna use it in the tight corners to clean       

day 14

i learned how to make a component not just one model so i can make it better.

i still have to modify my model to make it more but not a lot more better

also i need to make it more weight to hit better.

i am also gonna make it have a crank on the top


i did not have to make any thing to improve it

                                                                    day 18

i learned the many fun aspects of the 3d printer and it was really neat

my project turned out really good this made me want to do this as a job when i get older like make test models for like motorcycles and machines.

i do not wish that i had picked another because it was fun and really cool and a challenge at the same time.



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