Imagination vs Reality

    It was found that when someone imagines something versus actually seeing it, the neural signals in the brain flow in different directions.  Imagination flows down, whereas reality flows upwards.  Researchers think that this can help us understand how memory works.  A study was set up that students got hooked up and were asked to imagine and watch videos.  The results lead them to see the difference in flows through complex statistics and computing.  However they could not find where the flow originates.

    I like to read about this, because I have never heard of anything like this before.  I did not know you can track how things flow in your brain.  It was interesting to read about the parts of the brain where the flow most likely originates.  I hope to fully understand this article by the end of the semester.  I think this can help us in the future in learning how memory storage works.

     This could help in aiding in the solution to memory loss or dementia.  Also, it would be interesting just have that knowledge of how it works.  Doctors could really use this information in treating their patients.  Also, they could find new ways to test this theory.  Also, they should try to test it on animals and not just humans.  They might find that animals see things and retain information differently from humans.  My only question would be, is why is the direction of the flow such a vital piece of information and if they flowed in opposite ways how it would change it.

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