My Teaching Bible

The Title of this tackk comes from: Cal Newport's idea in his book So Good they can't ignore you of his Research Bible - where he summarizes research he comes across as a form of deliberate practice.

How we learn, the science:


Instead of correcting or saying wrong, ask the student more questions to probe their thinking! ( Deborah Ball, Uni. Of Michigan of Teaching Works program - she is an expert in helping teachers learn how to teach math). Be like a doctor who when sees a wrong answer, you need to ask questions to diagnose that incorrect understanding (Noncy Fields,

Becoming a Great Teacher (Core Skills)

Deborah Ball says that before you should go teach, ensure you learn and practice the core skills such as the following:

1) How to present a problem

2) How to lead a discussion relating to this problem.

Lead Learners

When students in the class learn and master the content to some extent have them take on the role/responsibility of a lead learner to teach other students. Give them a name card with a red card so they are easily identifiable and have some prompts on it to guide them in being an effective lead learner such as ask questions like Why and let them have time to reflect and don't just give them answers or give them our work to copy.

Field Trips Online & Connection to experts

Educational Apps - reviews apps french/english

Use google slides to make e-books:

Different activities for the different kinds of learning you want to occur!

Lets you share pictures and sticky notes and organize the pictures and notes! Kinda like

Learning - different stages


Read Alouds

Lily and the Paper Man - Teaches kids to be caring and think of others and help those in need.