Matthew Soldier - Family Time

While the concept of family has undergone changes in recent times, and various parenting styles have emerged, one constant remains: regardless of how you view “family,” spending time with the people you love plays a big factor in how you view life in general.

Matthew Soldier is appreciative of the time he gets to spend with his family. Growing up, his family moved around Winnipeg’s neighborhoods a lot, which did not always mean happy experiences in some of the tough neighborhoods. Now that he’s all grown up, Matthew is doing his best to ensure his younger siblings have the best experiences. He knows that by setting a good example now of the importance of family time, he is influencing how they will deal with life, relationships, and adversity.

Families that spend time and perform activities together have stronger emotional bonds between them. For such families, simple activities such as playing board games or watching television together enable them to bond and relate with each other. As Matthew Soldier knows, the teamwork forged over house cleaning as a unit translates to better cohesion when other family activities that require significant time or effort investment (such as planning a vacation) come along.

Spending time together on activities that everyone finds engaging sends a strong message of love, especially to younger children. Younger children require a great deal of guidance and love, and thus learn the importance of family time from an early age if the older members emphasize on the same. Through quality family time, says Matthew Soldier, children learn the value of having balance in their own lives.

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