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you can use edmodo to communicate with your Teacher/Classmates incase you have a question from the Home Work. Teachers also use edmodo to give kid assignment, HomeWork, test/quiz, ECT. Students also use this webpage to save items or assignments to work at home or to use at a another moment.


remind: "a safe way for teachers to connect with students and stay in touch with paarents" it helps you keep track and reminds you about your home work of that night. It also can keep the teacher and the parent in touch. For example if you weren't at school one day and the teacher put a message on remind, now you would know the assignment of the night. can create info graphics with it can help student on doing projects for school its very simple and creative. it also helps student be more organized on doing projects not just having random things everywhere with no meaning. this can be helpful at time.


this is another web page you can use for school projects but instead you can share it with different kinds of people. Its like creating a webpage and you can make it your own. for example you can use this page to put different kinds of information like ingredients to a food.

The IB Design Cycle

Inquiring and Analyzing

this the part where the students finds the problem then thinks of a plan.

1) explain the solution you came up with to a problem and to a specific audience.

2) Find the primary and secondary research to find the solution.

3) Find a product that can inspire solution.

4) Get all the details and summarize it into one research.

Developing Ideas

1) Create a design specification that states the success criteria for the solution to the design.

2) Create a lot  if feasible design ideas to be interpreted to others.

3) Show the final design and justify the selection of the design.

4) Have an accurate and detailed plan with drawings/diagrams and understand the requirements for the creation of the solution

Creating the Solution

1) Have a logical plan to follow and to have everything well organized.

2) Show technical skills while doing the solution.

3) Follow the plan to make the solution.

4) Justify the changes to the chosen design when making the solution.

5) Present the solutin completely Electronically, photographs, and showing details.


1)Think of testing methods to measure the success of the solution.

2) Evaluate the success of the solution.

3) Identify and explain how the solution can be improved.

4) Explain the impact of the solution to the audience.

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Nice. Did you include a picture for each phase of the design cycle? Also did you include an example?