"The New Colossus"


Authors Purpose

The authors purpose for this poem is to inform people and the statue of liberty and what it means to the nation.

Central Idea

The central idea is the statue of liberty and its meaning. The textual evidence i found was "a mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is th imprisoned lightning,and her name Mother of Exiles".


The theme of this story is how much the statue means to this country and how it symbolizesour freedom.

Figurtive Language

There is personification in line14:I lift my lamp beside the golden door(saying that a statue can lift its arm)


Exiles-people who are forced to live in another country

Yearning- feeling longing for;painfully wanting something

Pomp-stately or brilliant dispay; splender

Teeming-swarming with people

Tempest-tost-here,having suffered a stormy ocean journey

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