By Joey Worsham


Anxiety is being stressed or never calm like thinking something is around the corner (Another word is nervous or jumpy )

social anxiety is more than being shy its not wanting to open up to any one and being socially stressed

5 Interesting facts.

Walking can help your anxiety so can eating healthy There are many types of treatments for anxiety anxiety that can help or that my help.  

Like if you need to get something done at the office or you need to study for school the stress could somehow help you.

But anxiety can be bad because your really stressed so you could try some things to distress you like yoga and a yellow stress ball

Anxiety has many different types if you have anxiety you can look up your symptoms to see what you have

Anxiety make you nervous to do certain things  like talk in front of people.

How does anxiety happen/what causes it?

If you get way to  stressed you may get anxiety. Or if your nervous about something you might have an anxiety attack. Or when a big test gets put on your desk at school you might get super stressed out. Maybe your at work and you just started something but your boss says he wants it done in two days so now your stressed because its not going to get done and you might get fired.

Symptoms/signs of anxiety.

Feeling lightheaded or dizzy or even jumpy you can also have headaches soreness or tense muscles or having dificuty with getting your breath back anther one is feeling a fullness in the chest so those are a few of the symptoms or signs of anxiety stay safe and watch out for these because knowing these signs could help some out very much.

Who tries to help people who suffer from your topic? What do they do to help?

Therapist and they help by prescribing medicine or giving advice in anxiety treatments. Some organizations gave veterans free pot to help with the pain and anxiety .  Some people don't agree with giving veterans pot but they say it helps so it helps them i guess they should keep at it. A way to help with social anxiety is therapy some people will go to  a therapist and talk to try and better control there social anxiety.

Why is it important for people to know about my topic?

It is important because you need to know how to help someone if they have an anxiety attack.  So if you know some one with anxiety you need to know the symptoms or signs of anxiety.  Or if you want to be a therapist you need to know what to prescribe or what t do if someone comes into your office with  anxiety. so if you want to be a doctor or therapist or anything like that but don't want to take the time to learn this forget that profession try something else. "Roy emphasizes that veterans shouldn’t try to fix this by themselves. “You can have friends and family who will listen to you for a while, but they are not qualified to help you overcome this.”“You can’t take a 19-year-old brain and subject it to the constant threat of death or injury by rocket fire and expect it not to be affected.” So Roy R. describes his year in Phu Bai and Danang during the Vietnam War," All of the stuff in bold was said by former military


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