By: Kristin Carty

The main language is spanish.

The capital is Quito.

The type of money they use is the same as America, the dollar bill.

Surrounding contries are Peru, Columbia, and Brazil

san francisco church is a church that was bulit in 1635 in the capital Quito.

el panecillo is a town that is surrounded by a statue.

la capilla del hombre is a art musunm in Quito

Food & Drink

Ecuador takes its soup seriously. Soup is served with almost every lunch and dinner, both at restaurants and in homes. Ecuadoreans eat a fair amount of meat and poultry.

Most major brands of soft drinks are available, as are fresh juices made with papaya, pineapple, mango, maracuyá , naranjilla. Do not drink the tap water in Ecuador, even in the big cities, as disease-causing organisms are most likely to be there.


The climate of Ecuador varies by region, due to differences in altitude and, to a degree, in proximity to the equator. The coastal lowlands to the west of Ecuador are typically warm with temperatures in the region of 77 °F.

Special words and expressions

precio de huevo – it is cheap

guambra – a child, a kid

cacho – a joke

biela – beer

caleta – house


This show is almost like our american show " Americas got talent ". People love watching it in ecuador. It is basicly people from ecuador that have a talent they want to become famos from. All around Ecuador people come and participate on this show.

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