The Cherokee

-Location: Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina (southeast)

-Climate: not cold, didn't snow hardly ever, humid, mildly hot.

-Major Physical Features: Appalachian Mtns, Mississippi River

-Famous Leaders: Chief Bowl ( Duwali), Carrie Bushyhead

-Leadership Structures; lead by one war chief and one peace chief

-Major Battles: Civil War, War of Cherokee with Chicksaw

-Enemies: Colonizing Europeans, Shawnee Tribe

-Outcomes of War: usually ended in peace

-Major Natural Resources: Animal skins, fruit

-trading Partners: British settlers

-Trade Items: fur, deer skins, tools

-Roles in men and women: Cherokee women were equal to men

- Education: Ran some schools, boys were taught by males, girls by females

-Architecture: made circular shape buildings

-Clothing: made clothes of animal skins

-Cuisine:  corn, beans, squash, wild game

-Religion: had a special regard for animals and plants

-How did culture effect the world today: food and clothing.  

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