What is Motion?

Use your resources (discovery education and Webster's Dictionary to name a few)  to define motion.  Write the definition down in notability under science in a note called motion.  Make sure the definition is one that you completely understand and one that is in your own words.

Click on the Today's Meet below to type your definition of motion in the todaysmeet for your classroom.  

Discovery Education

Click here to log into discovery education.  Once there go to My DE Services and click on Science Elementary. Then click on forces and motion.  Explore and read CLOSELY the information to find the definition to the following 3 words.  Make sure to click on all tabs provided.

                 force                                           motion                                         friction

Take notes on ALL that you are learning about but make sure the definitions of the above words are in notability under motion.

Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

Want to learn more?  When you are DONE with the above discovery ed assignment, watch the video below to learn about Newton's 3 Laws of Motion!

Spheros Fun!

Watch the video below to get a brief tutorial on what these little balls of fun are all about!

Your First Challenge!

With the guidance of your teacher, you are going to be downloading the following apps onto your device:


Sphero Drive

Macro Lab

You will be working in groups of 3 that I have assigned to you.  Grab a sphero and please open the Sphero app and begin following the directions.  We want you to start by completing the 3 challenges that are assigned to the app.  Good luck, use your best problem solving skills, and have fun!

Created by: Mrs. Kentop