Headstock Cam

Project by Aakash Bajpai


      I started out with this project trying to figure out a way to liven up my Youtube song covers. I create all of my own stuff and don't have a camera but wanted to add a bit of motion with the camera.

      People have used Go Pro Cameras to get similar angles on their guitar but my goal was to make a much cheaper alternative. I also discovered that I can put the clamp on the body of the guitar to get many different angles.

      The applications are variable as it can be modified to fit most phones. Also video can be streamed live to another screen at a live venue to give a really great backdrop.

Say It Ain't So Cover

In the video above I perform Weezer's Say It Ain't So with a loop pedal. The pedal records what I do plays the recording back in a loop. I can add parts on top and build up the song into an entire band.

Design Process

I came around to decide that the easiest way to create what I needed was to use 3D printing because it would allow for huge benefits such as custom parts that fit together like puzzle pieces.

After making the initial sketches I then started taking measurements of my actual guitar and went into Thingiverse a website with 3D print designs. I found one that may fit my needs and modified it as in the pictures below.

     After this I started on making the holder for the IPod. I started with something relatively complicated to print but then went back to simplify it. I had to model out and model out an actual guitar in order to accurately line up the camera, along with placing a cone to give me an idea of where the center of the video would be.

     I also wanted to put in some fail safes such as notches on the clap to wrap rubber bands around to make sure the clamp stays together. Also the connection piece was modified to better hold the IPod and be aesthetically pleasing .

Print Day: Prototype

I finally finished my first design at Day 20 of the project and was able to print on Day 21 Below are the picture from the print

Prototype test trial


Below is list of things I found that I wish I included in my design which I did not think of, as well as some corrections that would be needed.

This was a note in my Evernote where I keep all of my notes for the product

The Future

I am currently in the process in creating the V1 (version 1) of the headstock cam. It is the first picture at the top of this Tackk, and it has many improvements such as being able to be placed in many spots of the body of the guitar to give a multitude of angles! The project will continue to evolve as I plan to make the angled stable piece into a movable joint. Also I want to be able to attach the stand to a sitar which I have, however vertical tuning pegs are in the way and are an obstacle.

Thank you for checking out the Headstock Cam.

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