Alex Anderson

Self Reflection Assignment

My Career Cluster Areas

My Top Matching Career Areas Included

Health Science-

This type of career requires you to possibly work on the weekends and on holidays. Sometimes this may include working the on-call shift, usually that rotates only a few times a year. Most of the people working in this field of work need to have adequate communication skills that way they can understand what the patient has a problem with.

Architecture and Construction-

This job requires a high skill in mathematics and the focus to be able to keep at the task at hand. You also have to be able to be a dependable worker and always show up to work each day and on time. Because if you don't show up to work the project that you are working on won't be able to be completed. Physical stamina is also a good skill to have if you are in this field, because you may have to carry heavy materials you don't want to burn out after an hour of work.

Science, Technology, and Engineering

This career requires a high skill in analysis, which is able being able to research a project and reaching an accurate conclusion on the topic. Communication is also an important skill to have that way you can work in a group of other engineers and be efficient at it also. If you are a computer person then this well help you greatly in this field because of the growing number of computer design programs to help save money instead of doing real-life experiments.

My Career Interest Profiles

1. Investigative- These are individuals prefer analytical or intellectual activities such as reading, studying, investigating, evaluating, and problem solving. Investigative types prefer to work with ideas rather than with people or things.

2. Conventional- These individuals tend prefer work activities that involve establishing or maintaining orderly and accurate records, procedures, and routines. They like working with things, data, or machines and applying precise standards in a setting where there is a clear line of authority. Conventional types prefer working with data and details more than ideas.

3. Realistic- These individuals prefer work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions, such as designing, building, and repairing machinery. They tend to enjoy working outside with plants and animals or using tools and machinery. Realistic types generally prefer to work with things rather than people.

Career I would consider include:

Family/General Practitioner



MRI Technician

My Personality Traits

My Personality Traits Include: Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging

Careers I would consider Include: a DNR officer(as a dream, I know that these jobs are hard to obtain) and being a law enforcement officer. The reason why I would pick these jobs is that these careers offer a feeling of self-fulfillment. Another reason for being a DNR officer is that I get to be outside all of the time and get to enjoy all the beauty of mother nature.

My Strongest Skill Areas

My Strongest Skills Areas Include: Mathematics and Health Sciences

Some Careers I would consider: A doctor and dentist would seem to be fitting given the Health Science skill. Another reason why I would choose these careers is because these jobs are in high demand and they have high paying salaries.

My Most Important Values

My most Important Values Include: My important values are doing the right thing if no one else is. Another important value is to do my work to the best of my ability, because what is the point of doing something if you're not going to give it your best shot.

Careers I would Consider: Being an engineer, because this requires you to make the best designs that you can possibly create.

What I learned About Myself

I learned that I like doing things the right way, or at least doing the best I can at them even though I might be off a little. Another important thing I learned about myself is that I could become a doctor if I wanted to and that has always been something that I have always wanted to do. Because nothings better than being able to go home after work and say that you have made a differecne with your life and you are improveing the world around you while lyou do that.