A Look Back to How I Got Here

My Journey So Far

As I look back to the different paths that have led me to this class I am amazed at the twists and turns that have shaped my life. I grew up within an ELCA congregation and was engrained within what it means to be Lutheran, from Sunday School, through Confirmation and Youth Group, Mission Trips and Youth Gatherings I had been connected all along.

When I reached college I was met with a fork in the road, follow in my Dad's footsteps and study Chemical Engineering, or venture off into something different and follow my passion for youth and sharing my faith with others. I chose to explore Chemical Engineering and attended the University of Minnesota - Duluth, where I was able to participate in another passion of mine, Track & Field.

After a year and a half of studies I was called in a different direction and chose to pursue my passion for youth and ministry. I transferred to Waldorf College and completed my undergrad. While at Waldorf I spent a summer at Good Earth Village in Spring Valley, MN and loved my time as a counselor (Picture below).

I am now enrolled at Luther Seminary and am in my final year of my Masters of Divinity Degree, with a Children Youth and Family Emphasis. During my first two years at Seminary I have been through many transitions, I married my wife, Emily and we adopted our spoiled "only child" Ella (Family Photo Below). I also had the opportunity to travel to the Holy Land with a class and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience all that Israel/Palestine had to offer.

This past year I was on Internship at Zion Lutheran Church on Franklin Lake, in rural Pelican Rapids, MN and I had the opportunity to experience what retirement felt like, since the majority of the congregation is retirees who have purchased lake property in the area I very much enjoyed the time that I spent with the people at Zion and the "city kid" in my wife and myself is very much enjoying being back in the Cities for this final year of Seminary.

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