Clark Carroll

En Plein Air Artist Clark Carroll

About Clark Carroll

New Jersey-based artist Clark Carroll utilizes art and science to produce his works. Fond of the en plein air form of inspiration, Carroll often paints outdoors using watercolors, pens, oils, Mylar sheets, and other materials. His pieces combine realism with abstract interpretations of medical, scientific, and technological equipment. W. W. Norton Publishing Company has featured his production art in numerous best-selling science books, and Johnson & Johnson's Worldwide Magazine included his images in an article on women's issues. Moreover, the Animal Healthcare Division at Merck AgVet commissioned him to create detailed illustrations of the canine cardiovascular system for a variety of education media. Additionally, Clark Carroll contributed illustrations to the children's e-book Clumpety-Clump Learns to Tip-Toe.

To prepare for his artistic career, Carroll earned a bachelor of fine arts in art history, design, and graphics from Drake University in Iowa and studied biology, comparative anatomy, cell biology, embryology, and chemistry at the University of Texas. On the East Coast, Clark Carroll took classes at the Heritage Art Gallery in South Orange, New Jersey, as well as at the Students Art League and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.