Anatomy and Physiology

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Class Textbook - E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth Unit 4 -Animal Physiology

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grades and supplies

The total points per 6-weeks will be 200-300 points. 10% of your points will be from professional ethics. Design labs, projects, and lab reports will be 30 - 50pts each. Assessments, classwork, homework, class activities and lab work will be 5-30 pts each.

Topics in anatomy

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Respect for me, yourself, classmates, and classroom

No leaving trash

If you borrow something return it

Respect my time (late assignments) - after I grade an assignment ….penalty

policies &other boring stuff

Late work and missing work are always up for negotiation. Sometimes life is hard. Keep me informed so we can work a schedule that works for you. Communicate with me anytime there are problems or concerns with due dates, grades, or any issues.

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