Class of 2019                  Ben LaMaster Pd 1/2

First I'm going to tell you how my 8th grade year was. It was pretty fun and the teachers were pretty cool too.

Then after 8th grade I am now in 9th grade or a Freshman in High School

It wasn't that it was harder it is just you have more responsibility than when you have at the Middle School

For an example you need to put down the remote and do your homework or you will be waiting till the last minute and will be up all night

Then the work gets a bit harder, but not much. Once you come to the High School it isn't all about work. It is also a lot of fun. There are so many clubs and cool teachers.

All you 8th graders are getting ready to experience the last years of school before you go to college or get a job.

The teachers are pretty cool here. They like to try and have fun.

Now enough about High School and a little about me.

I have failed so many times I lost count, but that doesn't matter

In 8th grade I had a big winter coat on and was on my way to the bus when I tripped and slid across the floor,(because of the coat), and I didn't get hurt. But when I got up I had to laugh, because it was hilarious

Then in High School I always manage to forget to plug in my ear buds and play the music out loud.

So that is all you really need to know

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