How to create class and assignment Tackkboards.

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Students use #PeaceDay2013 as a tag to create this unique board.
Add tags in the Tackk or under 'Tackk options' in the editor.

#TackkTip: Collect, sort and see your students' assignments on a class Tackkboard.

Every day we see teachers using Tackks to outline project requirements and document formatting, provide resource links and embed videos. There's nothing like seeing 30 Magellan posts populate the "latest" Tackkboard in the middle of the day.

But did you know that you can also collect and organize your students' work? It's super simple too. They're called Tackkboards!

Tackkboards are collections of Tackks, tiled as thumbnails on the screen. Boards are created when you add tags to your Tackk. Tag it "#Gettysburg Address" and your Tackk will show up on the Gettysburg Address Tackkboard (see?). You can do the same thing for your classroom and assignments.

Follow these three steps:

1. Decide how you want to organize your students' Tackks. Some teachers use their classroom names or course sections (i.e., Ms. Gordimer, History 3), others use the assignment name or a combination (i.e., PeaceDay2013). Choose a convention and stick to it.

2. Show your students how to tag their Tackks. Piece of cake! Instruct your students to select the 'Options' tab in the editor (4th tab), where it says "Tackkboards." Click and start typing. Tackk will auto-suggest tags. You should give students conventions and specifications to follow for your use. *Note: you can also add #tags directly into the body of the Tackk which will also add that Tackk to the related board.

3. Include tagging specifications and conventions in each assignment. Tell students what to tag their Tackks for every assignment. Keep in mind: you can use multiple tags. Consider requiring students to tag your name, course section and assignment name. You, the teacher, can then collect all Tackks under your name and sort them per course section and filter them by assignment.

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Нужная, полезная подсказка учителю.

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Nice! Love it. Got the whole lesson idea typed up and hopefully assigned tomorrow!

6 months ago

@titanslaxmom Great to hear! Tweet us your lesson and student Tackks so we can feature them. :)