By: Ethan Elliott
Joyful - Friendly - Talkative

Claudio's Motivations

Claudio is motivated by many things throughout the play. With his sudden love and immense reputation, his greatest motivation is Hero. However, Claudio isn't the only one whom's motivation is Hero, as Don Pedro is in love with her as well. Claudio's motivation changes as the play progresses. When he thinks Hero has died, Claudio is motivated by guilt and grief.

Character Development

Throughout the play, Claudio seems very joyful, and filled with happiness. With his love for Hero, and age (20's) he is very enthusiastic. Claudio's part in the play consists of his love for Hero, and his way of dealing with it. This shows that he is very contributed and open with his feelings. When Claudio's around, it is very easy to tell that he loves Hero. Although when he is not around, others think that he is making a mistake, as most relationships end with too much commitment. Claudio doesn't believe that he is taking his love for Hero too far, although everyone knows that that is the case. Claudio changes in many ways throughout the play, as he soon understands that he needs to be sympathetic with what Hero wants.

Impact on the plot and theme

Without Claudio, this play wouldn't be possible. He is the main character, and the plot would be ruined without him. With a love rounded theme, there would be a hard time declaring the plot without Claudio. His impact on the theme has been enormous, with nonstop remarks about his love Hero, and his competition with Don Pedro. In conclusion, Claudio is a very love filled character, and without him the play wouldn't of been possible.

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