Clayton Holdings LLC: Technologies

Clayton has built a suite of tools to identify loan fraud, credit and compliance risks. With our extensive database, we can also help you benchmark, track and trend loan portfolio and operational performance, and provide greater insight into regional and national mortgage trends. From front end risk quantification to dynamic performance monitoring, our tools assist in evaluating mortgage loans to allow for clearer and more confident decision making.

Clayton's Technologies

Clayton's services are supported chiefly by three proprietary technologies: InCyt, eCLAS, and CRM.

Mortgage Load Data Reporting Tool (InCyt)

In today’s uncertain market, many issuers of MBS and owners of mortgage loans are seeking tools to better understand their assets and to provide high level reporting on performance at a moment’s notice. That’s why Clayton, a respected industry leader in surveillance and due diligence, developed InCyt — a dynamic analysis and reporting platform.

InCyt allows loan-level mortgage analysis at the click of a button, helping to pinpoint risk, providing insight into trends and relationships among various data points, and identifying potential performance issues both pre- and post-securitization.

Examples of pre-defined reports include: Collateral, Delinquency, Loss Severity, Mortgage Insurance, Prepayments, Value decline, REO and Foreclosure timelines, and Summary reports.

eCLAS: Enhanced Clayton Loan Analysis System

Our flexible, transparent loan review system offers our clients multiple review scopes, and includes the ability to customize specific areas of the report (e.g. Credit Re-underwriting, Regulatory Compliance, Non-Performing Asset Reviews). The eCLAS open architecture allows easy integration with clients and third-party vendors, and every client can manage their own ongoing loan reviews using exclusive, safeguarded client portals.

Using more than 1,200 standardized codes, our customized eCLAS solution will help you find issues and standardized exceptions triggered during the loan review, detailed loan grading, and tape data discrepancies. In short, it's a necessary component of proper due diligence.

CRM and Appian

Both the CRM and Appian technologies are central to the level of high quality analysis and transparency Clayton is able to provide its clients. The CRM offers extensive loan-level database and capabilities for robust analysis and benchmarking. Appian, on the other hand, offers each client the ability to customize project workflow, providing transparency and direction on task flow and deadline control.

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