Clayton Mathewson

Clayton Mathewson, Ph.D., has helped people in Vancouver, WA for over 25 years

Clayton Mathewson, an alumnus of the Pacifica Gradate School in Carpinteria, California, has served Vancouver, WA as a teacher and consultant helping individuals, couples and groups since 1988. Over the course of his 27 years in the Vancouver area, he has become expert in conducting sessions for involved in difficult life transitions, while also excelling at working with clients one on one. In addition to the teaching and consulting he does in a clinical capacity, Clayton Mathewson carries out ongoing studies and depth psychology research in order to maximize the potential benefits of healthy care and change.

Beyond his activities as a consultant and teacher, Clayton Mathewson enjoys contributing to a number of charity organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. He is particularly supportive of the Washington State Firefighters Association, Good Will Industries, and Portland’s Homeless Courage for Employment. He also serves on the parent-teachers association (PTA) at Sara J Anderson Elementary School. During his free time, Mr. Mathewson likes to stay in shape by running marathons and cycling in and around Vancouver. He also enjoys golfing,Latin dancing and m editating.