Clayton Perlman - Tips For Tuning Your Guitar

Clayton Perlman - A Balance of Life and Work

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman loves music and enjoys playing the guitar. Like most guitar players, he has to tune his guitar sometimes. Tuning is simple and easy and doesn't take a lot of time. If you haven't ever tuned your guitar before, it could be a little challenging. These tips can help.

Tune It Often

It doesn’t take very long for a guitar to get out of tune. Make sure you check it before you play it and if necessary, tune it every time you play.

Store It Properly

When you aren’t playing your guitar, make sure it is stored properly. If it is too hot or cold, it could become damaged and out of tune easily. If it is bumped or knocked over; it may also become out of tune.

Use A Tuner

If you are having a hard time tuning the guitar by ear, consider using a tuner. This device will do the work for you and help you tune your guitar much easier. It can also be useful if you are in a noisy environment.

Tune Up

When you are tuning your guitar, make sure you are always tuning it up and not down. This will keep your strings from going flat when you are playing the guitar. If a note seems too high, you can always stretch the string out a little.

Clayton Perlman knows how to tune his guitar and does so whenever necessary. If you have a guitar and need to tune it, make sure you follow the above tips.

Maintaining a balance between life and work can be a difficult line to walk, but it is an important to do so if you wish to succeed in your business and personal life. Clayton Perlman understands the importance of balancing his business and his responsibilities to his family.

Why is it so difficult to maintain a healthy balance between your business life and personal life? The main reason is because there are two extremes that one can fall into and both can be harmful. On one hand, if you work too hard and put in too many hours you run the risk of alienating your friends and family. And this path doesn’t even guarantee success in your business life as you run the risk of becoming burnt out and making poor decisions due to stress or lack of rest.

The downsides of neglecting your business are rather obvious since if you aren’t putting in the proper time to see to the needs of your clients then you are eventually going to lose your clients to the competition which can lead your business to ruin. This, of course, can lead to major problems in your personal life since bills and other financial issues are some of the largest contributors to divorce.

Clayton Perlman is a 30-year veteran of the real estate industry and understands the importance of making sure both his clients and his family get the time they deserve.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - The Value of Experience

An author who I follow online, and whose work I frequently enjoy, once said something to the effect of the key to writing is to write and that in the midst of the few million terrible words you’ve written you’ll eventually starting writing good ones. This story illustrates how important experience is to success and Clayton Perlman understands the value of experience in the real estate industry.

It’s undeniable that natural talent is an important piece of the success puzzle. Some people are going to naturally more gifted than others in some areas, but talent can only take you so far and the ones who really succeed in life are the ones who combine their natural talent with experience in their field.

For example, if you wanted to become a mechanic how would you begin? You probably wouldn’t start by taking an engine apart. Instead you might start with something fairly simple like changing the oil. Over time, as you learned more about cars and how they work, you’d move to more complex work once you gained a sold grasp of the fundamentals of working on cars. It’s the same way with any skill, you will very rarely start out at the top, but given enough time and talent you can make it to the top of your field.

Clayton Perlman understands the value of experience and working your way up because he began his career in construction which gave him a firm grasp of the fundamentals of real estate. He now uses those skills to serve the real estate needs of the people of New Jersey.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman, xperienced Real Estate Agent

For the past fifteen years, Clayton Perlman has served different parts of our nation by being a successful real estate agent. And he’s not just any old real estate agent, he is a principle for FRP Properties, LLC, in which he focuses on both residential and commercial real estate acquisition, development, and construction. He has worked in New Jersey, California, Nevada, and Utah, and has blessed the lives of many families looking for a single-family home, and many others. He is originally from Miami, Florida, and that’s where he found his passion for the family real estate business. He started as a superintendent and then moved into the angle of the business that includes more numbers and acquisition, which was just his forte.

Clayton Perlman spent five years working at the New York Mercantile as a clerk in the crude oil and natural gas sections. While he was there, he was able to become responsible for handling operations and collected a small fund for his talents.

For his current role as the principle for FRP Properties, LLC, Perlman manages operations, which includes handling the financial aspects of the business. Because Clayton Perlman has ambitions and is always striving to do better, throughout the fifteen years he has done real estate, he maintains his position as being a competitive contender in the New York and New Jersey real estate markets. That means he is reliable and trustworthy and he always stands by his word. Utilizing every talent he has is what brought the success that he now knows and understands today.

Clayton Perlman - Always Driven Towards Success

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman has always had the desire to be successful and because of the prosperity he saw in the family real estate business, he knew at an early age that he wanted to go down that path.

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Clayton Perlman developed an intense love for the ocean and all the sporting opportunities it offered. It was also in Florida where he embarked on his career in real estate, working as part of the family business. Perlman began as a construction superintendent, overseeing all aspects of the building process and gaining valuable experience along the way. From there he moved on to acquisitions, getting involved in negotiations and learning the financial nuances associated with the field.

As his career progressed, Clayton Perlman reached further into real estate and began searching for sites to develop single family homes throughout the country. His expertise grew and the family business prospered; Perlman was now involved in building and developing homes in Florida, Nevada, Utah, California, and New Jersey.

In 2005, Clayton Perlman made his way back to New Jersey and began operating multiple real estate development LLC’s in prestigious Monmouth County. Since then, he has operated several notable real estate development firms, offering expert real estate development direction through each company. With Perlman’s direction, the real estate businesses were thriving, but he was still ready to put his business expertise to work in another arena.

Nine years ago, Clayton Perlman purchased a local marina in Keyport, New Jersey, tying together his love of the water with his knack for business. Perlman took on operations of the marina with his usual enthusiasm, and the business is now thriving. The full service marina on the New Jersey shoreline offers boaters floating docks and racks, winter and summer storage, boat repair services, as well as boat rentals.

Clayton Perlman - Living the Marina Life

Clayton Perlman

Even in today's real estate environment, specialty properties such as marinas hold a particular attraction in select markets and appeal to certain investors. But purchasing a marina is not like buying a retail strip center or a self-storage facility. While careful due diligence is necessary for all properties, it is vital for a property that is half-submerged in water. Performing due diligence assessments for the acquisition of marina properties is very different from other types of commercial real estate projects. Each marina is unique with respect to its location, design, market, amenities, and operation. Since the majority of a marina is water-based, these properties are more susceptible to damage caused by the coastal/marine environment.

Before Clayton Perlman received his New Jersey boating license, he owned his marina for years. Just one year shy of a full decade, Clayton Perlman has been the owner of Brown's Point Marina in Keyport, New Jersey for 9 years. There are many benefits to docking boats in a marina. Clayton Perlman uses the economic benefits of the marina as his main method of advertising. The benefits of using the Brown's Point Marina among others are the full-service offerings of his marina. Services provided at the marina include outboard, inboard and stern drive repairs, computerized engine diagnostics, and electronics installations and electrical repairs. Although Clayton Perlman has owned the marina for 9 years, it was only 3 years ago that Clayton Perlman decided to get his own New Jersey boating license. In addition to storing his own boat at the marina, Clayton Perlman makes sure the marina is well-maintained for the benefit of others. That is why Clayton Perlman takes pride in the multiple services provided at his marina. Since boating is one of Clayton Perlman’s favorite hobbies, he feels completely at home in his marina.

Prospects Around the Water

There are many different avenues that one can take if they choose to enjoy a career that is based on the love of the ocean. Some individuals may captain ships, charter boats, choose to be divers and many other choices are available. Others enjoy working with people who also love the water and hearing their stories and attempts to reach out into the ocean throughout the year.

One opportunity is to pursue the running of the marina. In today’s world of real estate, building one can be extremely expensive and filled with red tape and other obstacles. An individual that is looking at running a marina would have to be quite oriented towards running a business.

This is exactly the path that was taken by Miami, Florida native Clayton Perlman. He grew up with a tremendous passion for the ocean and the various activities that surrounded it. He owns and operates Browns Point Marina, a successful marina based in Keyport, New Jersey. He has been running it now for about a decade.

Clayton Perlman was engaged in a number of other businesses, which are enough for him to survive in tough economic times. He feels fortunate to have a diverse skill set that enables him to branch into multiple business ventures.

Reasons to be in Real Estate Development

There are a number of different ways to work in the real estate development business. They include buying, improving and selling property; buying, improving and renting out property; and improving property that you already own, and renting it out or selling it. The property can be either commercial or residential.

Each of these practices requires carefully planned strategies. Before you can ever consistently turn a profit on real estate investments you’ll need to find the best properties you can to work with and get the best possible financing for them. Real estate investors typically estimate their return on investment, or ROI, as a way of deciding whether the property in question is worth the effort it will take to buy it and turn it into something profitable.

One technique is what is known as flipping a property. This involves acquiring it, often at a reduced price, and then making improvements to increase its value. Then it is sold at a profit. Flipping is something that is usually done quickly, in as little as thirty to sixty days. This is a very dangerous proposition, though.

Clayton Perlman has been in real estate for many years. He has a family history as both a part of the family business that was a real estate firm, on construction jobs and also in real estate acquisitions. They established a local development company in the state of New Jersey, which began in the field of building single-family homes and has evolved into multifamily projects and other developments across a number of states throughout the country.

Clayton Perlman

The Journey

Part of that unwritten agreement we call the social contract calls for Americans to spend their money. By putting their disposable income to work, citizens are doing their part to support the nation’s economy, which in turn is going to mean higher stock prices.

But it isn’t always that easy. When economic times get tough, as they did in 2008, many American consumers find that they have to cut back on their spending. That pragmatic belt-tightening may have a ripple effect out to the economy, but those consumers are in a position of not having much of a choice. Many of them turn to several tried-and-true strategies they hope will keep them afloat until the economy begins to come back.

One of the most important things that consumers can do is to not buy the things they can’t really afford. Some consumer goods may simply be too expensive, at least for now. Not buying the stuff you can’t afford is an easy point to understand, but it can be a case of easier said than done when attractive new merchandise comes on the market.

A similar notion is, if you can’t pay cash for something then you probably can’t afford it. You may already be carrying a car payment or a hosue payment, so the last thing you want to do when money is tight is add to your debt. Just because it seems like everyone else is amassing debt doesn’t mean it’s a good strategy. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Clayton Perlman works hard to survive in tough economic times. He is currently a real estate developer in New Jersey operating under several LLCs.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - New York Mercantile Exchange

The New York Mercantile Exchange is a commodity futures exchange owned and operated by CME Group of Chicago. The New York Mercantile Exchange is located in the Battery Park City section of Manhattan, New York City. The New York Mercantile Exchange handles billions of dollars' worth of energy carriers, metals, and other commodities being bought and sold on the trading floor and the overnight electronic trading computer systems for future delivery. The prices quoted for transactions on the exchange are the basis for prices that people pay for various commodities throughout the world. While it is often idealized for its quick speed and stress, working in the New York Mercantile Exchange was a big part of Clayton Perlman's career.

With his clerk’s license, Clayton Perlman worked at the mercantile exchange in New York from 1998 to 2004. Clayton Perlman was part of a group handling billions of dollars every year in the commodities that are most important for life today. Clayton Perlman worked specifically as a clerk in crude oil and natural gas futures and option pits. The prices quoted on the exchange by Clayton Perlman and other clerks like him, affected the cost of oil and gas paid by Americans and people around the world. Clayton Perlman also handled trade reconciliation operations for small hedge funds for an off the floor trading operation. Clayton Perlman left his job in the New York Mercantile Exchange to go back into real estate development in 2004.

Clayton Perlman is responsible for a number of development projects in New Jersey. He has years of experience as a real estate developer. Clayton Perlman is a second generation real estate developer with experience building individual and multi-family homes in California, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Clayton Perlman

Marinas as Investments

Running a marina is a demanding task that, almost by definition, involves a great deal of work. Many people are curious about investing in a marina, in part because of their love of the ocean. Like any investment, there are many things to consider.

There are many regulations in the maritime industry including such things as the water itself, the right to use certain waterways, the storage of boats, and many more. What most people may not realize is that businesses such as boatyards and marinas are one of the most stable areas within the boating industry. Statistics show that even during tough times, most boats remain in use. They need to be stored somewhere, and the thing that gets affected most is their duration of trips rather than the keeping of the boat.

Thankfully, one of the forces at work is the fact that marinas are considered to be very good for local economies. They employ local workers who spend money within the community and a well-kept, and maintained marina pays its property taxes, sales taxes and income taxes on a proper schedule. Clayton Perlman is a partner and operator of Browns Point Marina in Keyport, New Jersey. His operation is a significant economic generator within the community, and he pays fair wages because he has built-in the aspect of quality and service into what he does.

Clayton Perlman

A Passion that Became a Business

A passion for the ocean often lead to water-centric careers. People who enjoy being on the water can become boat captains, fishermen, naval officers, or small business owners in harbor towns. Keyport, New Jersey is one of these small towns. Its downtown area is along the Bayshore portion of Keyport and is bursting with quaint restaurants and shops.

It is the perfect little village to live in or to spend the summer in. There is also no shortage of marinas and the harbor is great for boating. The Keyport Harbor feeds into the Hudson River and allows access to the North Atlantic Ocean. It has a small population and a booming tourist season. There are several marinas all along the downtown area, and there are always boat rentals available.

The residents and tourists of Keyport can head over to the marinas in the morning and spend their day boating around the bay or heading out to the ocean. The marinas also provide great services to the area’s avid boaters. Many of them offer winter and summer storage, so that the people who only stay seasonally have a safe place to store their boat.

One of these marinas, Brown’s Point Marina, is owned and operated in part by Clayton Perlman. Perlman grew up in Miami Beach, Florida and fell in love with the ocean as a child. Since that time the ocean has called to him, and nine years ago he opened a marina and operated it using his previous business experiences. Brown’s Point Marina is a thriving business in Keyport and allows Perlman to explore one of his greatest hobbies.

Clayton Perlman

Keeping the Mind and Body Active

Maintaining an active lifestyle is important for children as well as adults. Once people leave school, they often stop being active. This is simply because most adults have a busy and hectic lifestyle involving work, children, family, and social obligations. Maintaining health and hobbies become less of a priority.

This can be avoided by doing small things, like taking a walk through a park. Setting aside twenty minutes to stroll through a local park is not only mentally relaxing, but it is also good physical activity. Walking stimulates the heart rate and stretches muscles. Remaining active is especially easy with the help of pets. Dogs are loyal and full of energy. Taking them for walks and playing with them is not only fun, but it also keeps adults healthy and active.

Hobbies are important for any adult. They provide a break from the day-to-day grind of work. Hobbies such as boating provide an escape from daily life. Getting out on the water and feeling the wind race across the waves is exhilarating and de-stressing. One of the best ways to break away from the worries of life is to take a cruise through a bay with some friends and family.

Clayton Perlman lives an active lifestyle. Not only does he enjoy boating, he is also an off-road motorcyclist and cyclist. These sports are exciting and involve a great deal of effort and practice. Perlman does not always seek out a sport that is exciting. He also takes walks through local parks to unwind. He enjoys taking his dogs out for long walks while he enjoys the scenery of the park. He is a great sportsman who loves his dogs.=

Clayton Perlman

Time in the New York Mercantile Exchange

The New York Mercantile Exchange is owned and operated by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME). This company deals in commodity future exchanges and focuses on energy carriers, metals and other commodities such as oil. In the middle of the 19th century, businessmen began to organize market forums so that buying and selling commodities would be easier. This was the beginning of the commodities exchange, and it has been a driving business practice ever since.

Though the New York Mercantile Exchange began with the trading futures of crops, as time wore on and technology advanced, they began to work in the energy industry. They moved into the oil and natural gas industry. The New York Mercantile Exchange handles the trading futures of coal, crude oil, electricity, natural gas, and many more precious commodities.

The main trading platform it uses is Globex, an electronic trading platform. They have been electronic since 2006. This system makes transactions more efficient and easier to track. The New York Mercantile Exchange is a vital force in the commodities industry.

Clayton Perlman worked for the New York Mercantile Exchange from 1999 to 2004. He was a clerk in crude oil and natural gas futures and option pits. He also managed the trade reconciliation options for a small hedge fund that was an off the floor trading operation. Perlman not only has experience in real estate but also in commodity trades. He spent five years in this business until he returned to the real estate business in New Jersey.

Clayton Perlman

The Trials of Real Estate Development

Real estate development is a generic term that refers to a multi-faceted business. It encompasses the purchase of land and the development and construction of new buildings, as well as renovating and leasing existing buildings. The real estate market always has a major presence in the economy, whether it is a positive presence or a negative presence. When a local economy is booming, a real estate developer can be successful. However if a local economy has fallen, surviving as a real estate developer can be a great struggle.

Beginning a career in real estate is difficult. It is important to learn about the local market and be able to predict the swings of the housing market. It also requires a great deal of personal investment. Maintaining a career in real estate development is risky and could collapse at any moment. However the rewards are often worth the risk.

Many people who develop a career in real estate start from scratch and spend several years struggling. In the beginning, it can be difficult to reap a profit from personal investments and real estate developers are slaves to the economic market. It often takes years to build a solid career in real estate, but once that career has a solid foundation, it yields a strong profit.

Clayton Perlman has spent most of his career working in real estate and real estate development. He started by working for his family real estate business. He honed his skills when his family business began developing homes in California. In 2005 he began to develop real estate in New Jersey, a place where he could pursue his love of boating and fishing while continuing his professional endeavors.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Finding success in a difficult and ever-changing field.

Clayton Perlman

The real estate industry is a difficult field to succeed in due to its ever-changing nature, but Clayton Perlman knows that consistent success is simply the result of hard work and preparation. The real estate market is, even more so than a lot of other industries, heavily tied to the health of the economy as a whole.

The 2008 economic downturn was hard on nearly every industry, but the real estate industry was hit especially hard as property values fell. Many people struggled to keep their current proprieties and certainly could not afford to invest in new ones. As the economy has recovered so has the real estate market, but the 2008 downturn demonstrates just how difficult it can be to succeed in real estate over the long term.

Long-term real estate success really depends on knowledge. You need to have knowledge of both your local market and the economy as a whole. You need to have a thorough understand of the market you are working in so that you can you predict coming trends and respond to the needs of your clients. After all, the skills that suited you well working in Manhattan might not be completely transferable to a real estate business in rural Idaho. Knowledge of the economy as a whole is important so you can help to prepare yourself and your clients for any sudden changes in the economy.

Clayton Perlman has 30 years of experience in real estate and has proven that he has the knowledge and skill to succeed in a difficult and ever changing market.

Clayton Perlman - A Love of Dogs

Dogs are among the first animals that humans domesticated and have been with us throughout human history. Dogs have served as hunters, workers and companions and have earned the love of many people including Clayton Perlman.

A lot of rehab centers that are set up to help victims of stroke or other debilitating injuries or diseases have pet programs where part of the patients’ recover program is involved with dogs. One of the reasons for this is that feelings of loneliness are fairly common after suffering a stroke or similar injury and having pets around can help to reduce a patient’s loneliness which can help speed up their recovery. Another benefit is the simple fact that having a pet can give people something else to focus on besides their own troubles which can be very helpful for people who are in the process of recovering from a crippling disease.

As the above illustrates dogs can be very gentle companions, but on the other hand they can also be very helpful for people trying to maintain an active lifestyle. Even a small dog will need to be walked at least once a day so it is a great way to motivate yourself to work out on those days you’d rather stay on the couch.

Like a lot of people, Clayton Perlman loves dogs and one of his favorite ways to relax after a hard day of work in the real estate industry is to take his dogs for a walk through the park.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Tips For Cleaning A Boat

Clayton Perlman owns a boat and a marina and knows that it is important to keep a boat clean. Keeping your boat clean will not only make it look nicer but also help it to last longer. Here are some tips for cleaning a boat.

Choose The Right Soap

Make sure the soap you choose to clean your boat with is safe for the environment and for the material your boat is made of. Since your boat will eventually go in the water, it is important to make sure you are not using a soap that can ruin the ecosystem or cause your boat to degrade.

Rinse From Top To Bottom

When you rinse the soap from your boat, always start at the top and rinse down. This will get all the soap and dirt as it is running off the boat and prevent it from streaking. It will also prevent soap and dirt from sticking to the boat.

Dry and Inspect

When you are drying your boat, make sure you are also inspecting it to make sure you got rid of all the dirt and that there is no major damage or problems. It’s always a good idea to inspect your boat when you are cleaning it and make necessary repairs as you find them.

Clayton Perlman cleans his boat on a regular basis and always reminds the people who choose to leave their boats at his marina to keep theirs clean as well. Make sure you are doing everything to protect your boat and keep it in good condition.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Choosing The Right Marina For Your Boat

Clayton Perlman owns a marina in Keyport, New Jersey. He has many customers who choose to park their boats at the marina. If you are looking for a marina where you can store your boat, make sure you consider these tips.


Cost is a big factor for most people when choosing a marina for their boat. You want the marina you choose to be affordable, but more importantly, you want it to be a good value. Remember, you often get what you pay for and just because you choose the cheapest marina doesn't mean you are getting the best deal.


Make sure you take a walk through of the facility where your boat will be kept. Some marinas only offer outside storage and others offer inside storage. Decide which type is right for your boat and make sure the facility fits your needs.


Some marinas offer special packages or extras if you leave your boat for a certain amount of time. These extras may include maintenance or cleaning and other types of care. Don't be afraid to ask about any special packages or extras that are available at the marina of your choice.

Clayton Perlman enjoys owning and operating his own marina. He loves boating and meeting new people who share the same interests as him. If you are looking for a marina for your boat, make sure you choose carefully. Not all marinas are the same. Make sure you choose the one that is right for your needs.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Staying Safe While Riding Motocross

Clayton Perlman has a lot of hobbies, and riding motocross bikes is one of them. While he loves to race and compete, he knows it is important to stay safe. If you ride motocross, make sure you are following these tips to stay safe.

Wear Your Helmet

Always wear a helmet when riding motocross. You never know when you might be in an accident, and your helmet could save your life. In many competitions, helmets are required. You should also make sure the helmet fits well.

Inspect Your Bike

Always inspect your bike before you start riding. If you find a problem, fix it before you ride. If your bike has something wrong with it and you don’t know it or fix it, it could cause you to have an accident. Inspect it before each race or ride. If you aren’t sure how to inspect it, ask a mechanic or another rider to help you.

Watch Other Riders

You should always be aware of the other riders or racers. You should be a defensive rider on your motocross bike and avoid accidents. If you see another rider is losing control of their bike, make sure you know how to protect yourself from getting caught up in the accident. You also don’t want to cause another rider to get into an accident.

If you choose to ride motocross like Clayton Perlman, make sure you are following all the rules and staying safe. Nobody wants to be injured in a motocross accident. By being smart and staying safe, you can avoid accidents and injuries.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Raising a Puppy

Clayton Perlman is a real estate developer who owns multiple real estate LLCs in New Jersey. He has developed single and multiple-family dwellings from New Jersey to California and several points in between. He has also been the owner of a New Jersey marina.

Clayton Perlman is also a dog lover who usually had a dog around, as he grew up in Florida. And he knows how frustrating it can be to house train a new puppy. They never seem to progress as fast as you’d like them to, and because they are growing and developing so quickly, they eat a lot of food and burn up a lot of energy. And that means that sometimes, they seem like little poop machines. Most puppies need to eliminate every thirty for forty-five minutes!

Rest assured, this is normal. Getting little Fido to go outdoors, and – more importantly – getting Fido to let you know when it’s time to go out, is only a matter of time. It can take up to six months for a puppy to be completely housetrained. And until that glorious day arrives, raising a puppy means dealing with a lot of accidents.

Dog experts have come up with five rules for housetraining a puppy, as follows:

  • Give Fido regular access to his toilet area – the place where you want him to go.
  • Reward the pup for going in the right place, and make sure that it’s a special treat.
  • Hold your temper! Wanting to scold your puppy for having accidents in the house is natural enough, but it can have dire consequences.
  • Keep the puppy on a regular feeding schedule. This can help to get him on a regular elimination schedule, too.
  • Keep track of when your puppy goes.

Raising a puppy, of course, is about more than getting them to go at the right place at the right time. You’ll also need to make sure that the puppy is safe inside your home. There are countless ways for a puppy to get hurt, so it is imperative that you puppy-proof your home.

It’s a lot like child proofing a home when there’s a toddler in the house, and you can use some of the same tools. Use child gates, for example, to keep the puppy from getting in those parts of the house that are off-limits. You should also remove electrical cords, don’t leave things on low tables, and store household cleaners and any other potentially dangerous substances in a safe place.

Finally, be sure that your new puppy gets all of his or her shots. Keeping up with all the necessary vaccines and checkups is good for the puppy’s health, and for your own peace of mind, too.

When he isn’t working, Clayton Perlman enjoys walking his dogs.


Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Amazing Health Benefits of Walking

Clayton Perlman grew up in Miami, Florida and developed an intense love for the outdoors. He started working in the real estate business but made sure his professional career did not stop him from doing what he liked. The outdoors has always held a special place in Clayton Perlman’s life, and he took to fishing, boating, and walking. In today’s busy world, many people think that they don’t have the time to exercise, but what they don’t realize is that by taking a walk every day, they can improve their health and their cognitive skills. Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay fit both physically and mentally. Here are some amazing health benefits of walking.

Prevent Cancer

Our immune system is made up of natural killer cells that help fight off cancer, and according to researchers at the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, walking is one of the physical activities that increases the production of natural killer cells in the body. Researchers collected blood samples from a group of volunteers before going on a forest expedition, and after they returned from their trip into the forest. The analysis showed that there was a remarkable increase in the natural killer cells activity in the body, which also lasted for one month after their forest expedition. The study found that a one-day trip into the woods also had the same effects, however, the effects lasted for a much shorter duration in the body.

Reduce Stress

Scents have a powerful effect on our emotions and health, and walking in the woods can help reduce stress. According to research conducted at Kyoto University, volunteers were asked to check their stress levels on days when they walked in the forest, and on days when they walked in a normal environment. The study showed that when the volunteers walked in the woods or forest, their stress levels were considerably lower than when they walked through their normal environment. The reason for this reduction in stress levels for the times they walked through the forest was because of the scents of the forest. Pine, cypress, cedar, and fir trees contain phytoncides such as beta-pinene, and alpha-pinene which are the essential oils of many trees and plants and have a profound effect on decreasing the level of cortisol in the human body.

Clayton Perlman likes to take time and go on long walks in the park and woods because of the various benefits it provides. Going on regular walks through the woods and parks is one of the things that has become an integral part of his life.


Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - How to Deal with A Dog’s Food Aggression

They say, “a dog is man’s best friend”, and to Clayton Perlman, taking care of his dog is one of the most important things in his life. Growing up in Miami, Florida, his family always had dogs at home, and he learned to take care of dogs from a young age. One of the areas where many people have problems with their dogs is with food aggression. When a dog shows aggression in protecting his food, it could be a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. Failure to deal with this problem could result in humans in the house or other dogs being bitten, and it could also lead to the dog becoming over-possessive over things in your home. Clayton Perlman shares a few tips on how to deal with a dog’s food aggression.

What is Food Aggression?

When a dog becomes very defensive of its food while eating, and uses threats to force others away, it is called food aggression. This aggressive behavior can be directed towards humans, other animals or both. There are three levels of food aggression in dogs, they are:

  • Mild – the dog growls and shows its teeth
  • Moderate – the dog lunges or snaps when anyone approaches it
  • Severe – the dog bites anyone who approaches while it is eating

While some people might consider all cases of food aggression as a show of dominance, it is not necessarily the case. In a dog pack, it is the alpha dog that has to eat first after a hunt, and only when it has finished can the other dogs eat. So for an alpha dog, food aggression is a show of dominance, but for dogs lower in the pack position, it could be a sign of fear or anxiety.

How to Deal with Food Aggression

To deal with the issue of food aggression, you will have to determine whether it is just with food, or with other things such as toys, resting spot, etc. To work with your dog to help him overcome the problem of food aggression, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Be Consistent – If your dog is anxious or fearful over whether he will get his next meal, make sure you feed him at the same time every day.
  • Work for Food – Make the dog sit or lie down outside the room you feed him in. Train him to stay even when you have set his bowl down, and stand close to it until you release him to start eating. Move away once he starts eating. Make sure you walk the dog before you feed him, and not after he has eaten.
  • Win the Bowl – Do not back away from the bowl or your dog will feel he has “won”, instead you can use a few techniques to recondition him. You can hand-feed him, and use your hands to put his food in the bowl. This will leave your scent on the food and the dog will get used to eating with your scent around.

Clayton Perlman recommends working with your dog when he is still a puppy as it helps the dog to get used to you.


Clayton Perlman likes to relax and play his guitar after a long day at work. He picked up his guitar playing skills when he was a teenager and slowly developed his talent by using various techniques. The guitar is probably the most played music instrument in the world. Playing the guitar is not difficult, but it does require practice and a lot of patience. Clayton Perlman shares a couple of guitar playing techniques you should know if you want to become a good guitarist.

Holding the Pick

Holding the pick correctly will help you play the guitar as fast as possible. You will need to hold the pick firmly between your thumb and bent index finger to pluck the strings with downstrokes and upstrokes. Avoid pinching the pick as it will make it difficult to play fast, and will give you an uneven picking angle.

Fretting Notes

Fretting notes is one of the basic skills needed for playing the guitar. You will need to use the right fingers, and maintain a proper arch so that your fingers do not touch any other string. To achieve this, you will have to place your thumb squarely on the back of the neck, and not over it. Playing close to the fret will eliminate the problem of buzzing.

Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

Pull-offs and hammer-ons produce a legato sound on a string. Legato is playing notes so that they connect smoothly. This requires not plucking the same string twice on the second note. To play a hammer-on, fret the note, pluck the string and without releasing the first fretted note, push down or hammer down on the second note without plucking the string the second time.

Pull-offs, on the other hand, are the exact opposite of how you played a hammer-on. To play a pull-off, fret the first note, pluck the string, and without releasing the first note, fret the second note with another finger, while keeping the second note fretted release the first note. Remember not to pluck the string a second time.

Clayton Perlman - Guitar Playing Techniques You Should Know

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Three Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument

Clayton Perlman is a dedicated businessman who has worked hard to survive in the real estate development industry. He owns multiple LLCs, and he is the co-owner of a marina in New Jersey. When he is not working, or spending time out on the water, he enjoys playing guitar. Playing an instrument is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of hard work.

There are many reasons for you to learn how to play an instrument. One of those reasons is simply pleasure. Playing an instrument and being able to create music can be a fun and fulfilling experience. Many people learn how to play an instrument because they love music and they love having knowledge about music and an instrument.

Another reason to learn how to play an instrument is to sharpen your mind. Learning how to read music, or just how to use an instrument, are both great exercises for your brain. Taking on this challenge will help you expand your knowledge, and can help you keep your brain young and sharp.
Playing an instrument can be extremely relaxing. There are many people who enjoy coming home from a long day, and sitting down with an instrument. Creating music is a great way to unwind and explore your own creativity. Learning how to play an instrument has many benefits. Clayton Perlman knows how to play the guitar. He always enjoys creating music and spending time with his guitar after a long and hard day at work.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - How to Become an Excellent Boater

Clayton Perlman is passionate about boating. He enjoys boating as a hobby, and he has made it part of his career. He is the co-owner of a full service marina in Keyport, New Jersey. This marina offers boaters a place to dock their boats, as well as boat maintenance. Perlman enjoys spending time with his fellow boaters and taking opportunities to go out on the water. If you are interested in becoming a boater, there are a few steps that you will need to take.

The first step is to learn about boats. There are several different styles and models of boats. Some are made for sea boating, while others are meant for cruising around bays. You should develop a strong knowledge of boats. You can then use that knowledge to choose which type of boat will suit your desires and needs the best.

The second step you should take is to learn about boat maintenance. Before you get a boat, you will need to know how to care for it. You should learn about proper storage methods for each season, and you should learn about basic boat maintenance.

Your third step is to learn how to drive or sail a boat. If you have friends who are boaters, spend some time with them. You should also go through an instruction course so that you can learn about safety and how to maneuver your boat without causing any accidents. Each of these are important steps to take if you want to become a great boater. Clayton Perlman loves boating and spending time with others who share his passion.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Everything you Should Know About Boating

Clayton Perlman is the co-owner of a marina in Keyport, New Jersey. He is also an avid boater. He loves spending time out on the water, and enjoys working with others who also enjoy boating. He is a hardworking individual who is dedicated to his career. After a long week of work, he enjoys going out on the water. He enjoys seeing the sights and fishing out in the bay.

There are several different types of boats that can be used for recreational boating. These pleasure crafts can be large or small. Some people choose to boat in large bays, while others go boating out at sea. One type of boat is a dinghy, which is usually under 16 feet long. These may be powered by a small engine or a sail. Boaters may also have a runabout, a day-sailor, or a cruiser.

Boating is a great activity to do with friends or family. It can be a leisurely activity. There are many people who enjoy cruising slowly through an area. Boating is great for swimming, fishing, sunbathing, or just spending time with friends.

For safety reasons, some boaters may be required to have a license. This requirement may be based on the area you are boating in and the size of your boat. It is also important for recreational boaters to have a basic knowledge of safety in order to prevent drownings or other accidents while on the water. Clayton Perlman enjoys spending time on the water and being involved in a marina.

Clayton Perlman - Three Tips for Becoming a Great Fisherman

Clayton Perlman worked hard to build a career in real estate development. He has experienced the many struggles involved in real estate development and business ownership. He is a dedicated individual who strives to accomplish his goals. He lives in New Jersey, and is the co-owner of a marina in Keyport, New Jersey. When he is not working, he enjoys fishing. This sport is a great way to unwind after a long day. Fishing can be a pretty easy sport to learn, and it may not take too long to become a great fisherman.

A great tip for becoming an excellent fisherman is to learn about different types of fish and different bodies of water. There is a different technique to fishing in a bay rather than a lake or the ocean. Take the time to learn about the bodies of water near you. Learn about the types of fish that inhabit those waters and which types of bait you should be using.

A second tip is to get the proper equipment. Go to your local sports store to get a rod. Talk to the employees there to learn about what type of rod you should be using, and which types of lures and bait are best for the local waters.

A third tip is to practice. Fishing is all about patience. The more time you spend fishing, the more comfortable you will get with waiting. You may also develop a better understanding of the local waters and when the best times to fish are. Clayton Perlman knows the local waters and loves unwinding with a fishing rod.

Clayton Perlman - Choosing the Right Boat

Miami, Florida native Clayton Perlman was raised with a love of the ocean. Though he now resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey, he has carried his childhood love of water within him throughout his travels. Clayton Perlman is currently a partner of a full-service marina in Key Point, New Jersey and enjoys boating in his free time along the shore.

Boating is a hobby that, with the proper knowledge and preparation, can be both fulfilling and relaxing. The first step when exploring boating is to determine the proper boat for local water conditions. Flat bottom boats, though less expensive, are difficult to manage in currents and are optimal for calm water conditions. Vee bottom boats provide a smoother ride in rougher waters, but will require greater physical strength to operate and maneuver. Round bottom boats are easier to operate in various types of water conditions when controlled at a slow speed, but often require stabilizers to stay upright.

A popular alternative to these basic boat models is the motorboat, which uses propulsion machinery to power the craft, rather than oars or paddles. Though the motorboat requires less physical labor for the operator, greater knowledge of engines and boat machinery is necessary to manage and maintain the motorboat in a safe manner. When the proper boat is chosen, boating can be a relaxing and exercise-filled hobby. Clayton Perlman fulfills his passion for boating through his work at the marina and his free time spent on the water nearby. Through the marina, he is able to combine his passion into both a business and a hobby.


Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Casual and Competitive Fishing

Veteran real estate developer Clayton Perlman is no stranger to the water. The Miami, Florida native grew up near the coast, which developed a lifelong passion and love for boating and the adventures of Oceanside activities. One activity that Clayton Perlman, now a resident of Monmouth County, New Jersey, especially enjoys is fishing.

Fishing is a multi-faceted hobby that can be both competitive and relaxing. The casual fisherman can fish privately from a boat, dock, or embankment. This form of fishing is the most relaxing because it allows the fisherman to practice his craft while enjoying the outdoors. Additionally, minimal skill or financial involvement is required for the casual fisherman, who only needs a pole and bait to begin practicing proper technique. Casual fishing is a hobby that can be learned slowly over a period of time while enjoying the relaxing benefits of sunning outside and feeling the waterside breeze.

Competitive fishing often takes place via tournaments in which numerous fishermen compete individually or as a team against one another for prizes based on the weight and length of fish caught during the time limit of the tournament. Like casual fishing, tournaments can take place on a boat or shore side; however, many tournaments require registration fees or qualifying contests before entry. Though perhaps less relaxing than casual fishing, competitive tournaments allow fishermen to transform their hobby into a sport so that they can travel and meet other people who share their passions. Clayton Perlman is passionate about both fishing and the marine lifestyle.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Guitar Players’ Health

Clayton Perlman is a New Jersey real estate developer with more than 30 years experience in the industry. In addition to his work in the field, he also enjoys playing guitar in his free time to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. Clayton Perlman practices with his guitar in order to become a better and more skilled player.

Playing a musical instrument is a popular and effective way to express creativity and boost self-confidence. Many people begin playing instruments as children through private lessons or in school, but it is never too late to learn a new skill. Before purchasing and playing a new instrument, though, it is important for adults to consider the impact that the chosen instrument will have on their physical health. Finger, hand, and wrist stretches are effective methods at training your hands for a new acoustic or electric guitar. You will have a better and more enjoyable experience playing the guitar if your hands have been properly trained to handle their new positions and expectations.

It is also important to maintain good posture while playing your instrument in order to prevent backaches and muscle spasms. Remember to keep your back straight and your spine aligned in way that is comfortable but not slouched. When purchasing your new guitar, take advantage of the staff’s knowledge to ensure that you pick an instrument that properly fits the size of your arms and hands. You will have a more comfortable experience if the guitar is properly proportioned to your body. Once you have chosen the right guitar, you are ready to begin learning. Clayton Perlman enjoys the health benefits of playing guitar.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman - Benefits of Walking

Monmouth County, New Jersey resident and real estate developer Clayton Perlman loves to be outside, whether he is boating, fishing, or playing with his dogs. Despite managing a busy and demanding career, one of the simplest ways that he remains active outdoors is by taking walks. Clayton Perlman enjoys walking as it gives him an opportunity to escape the day-to-day stress associated with working in a tough economic climate. With nothing more than a simple pair of tennis shoes, he can step outside his door and be transformed.

Walking is an effective form of exercise that allows for physical benefits without the expense of a gym membership or specialized equipment. Walking is a beneficial form of medicine for both physical and mental health. This simple physical activity can help you maintain weight, strengthen muscles, and improve balance and coordination. Additionally, walking can help prevent more serious conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Mentally, walking relieves tension and anxiety by improving your overall mood through endorphin release.

Proper technique will make your walking experience more enjoyable and effective. A good walking posture involves lifting your head so that you are looking straight ahead and relaxing your neck, shoulders, and back. Additionally, you should allow your arms to swing freely or lightly pump them and tighten your stomach muscles. By following these simple techniques, you will take positive steps toward better health and happiness. Clayton Perlman has taken his desire for the health benefits of walking and turned it into both a hobby and lifestyle.


Clayton Perlman